WizeHire Review – An Employer’s Experience 2023

I’ve created this WizeHire review for employers who want to learn more about this hiring platform.

This article will take you through every step of my experience hiring a new employee with WizeHire. I’ll also provide some comparisons to what I’ve experienced using Indeed’s platform.

At the bottom of this review, I’ve included a referral link, which will give you the same discount and perks I get as a WizeHire partner. This includes a 1-on-1 VIP hiring support with one of the WizeHire’s hiring coaches. 

This is a true coaching session, where the coach’s only purpose is to help you create an effective job listing and teach you the platform (no selling – how refreshing!). 

The first thing to know about WizeHire is that your job applicants don’t need to know anything about WizeHire to find your job posting. 

If you were just limiting yourself to posting positions on Indeed, many more applicants will find your job listings with WizeHire’s platform. 

That’s because WizeHire broadcasts your job listing across the top 100 job boards, including Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Zip Recruiter so you can hit multiple job sites. 

So its reach is tremendous. 

But where WizeHire shines is its ability to help you filter job applicants to help you find qualified candidates. 

As a small business owner, it’s the type of platform I assumed only large businesses with HR departments have.

When I’ve posted jobs on Indeed in the past, I’d get a ton of applicants. Some were great and some clearly never read or understood the job listing.

The problem is that if you get too many “bad” applicants, it makes it hard to even see the good ones.

I recently a job posting for a remote sales position on Indeed and received over 500 applications in a short period of time. 

As a small business owner, without an HR department to sift through all the applications, I couldn’t even review half of those applicants. 

It was so frustrating because I’m sure there were some great, qualified candidates I didn’t get a chance to speak with. If you were one of them – I’m so sorry!

WizeHire allows you to post multiple job postings for a flat monthly amount, and there’s no separate budget required for job ad spend on those listings. Although, they provide the option to add job ad spend if it makes sense.

Meet Your Hiring Coaches

If you use a partner’s referral link (like the one I provide below), you’ll get access to WizeHire’s coaching team.

This is a huge value for small businesses without dedicated HR support. 

Small business owners have to know something about all aspects of running a business, but we’re not really HR people are we? 

I appreciate being able to tell a hiring expert what I’m looking for and they can help me customize my job listing and create quality job ads, without trying to upsell me anything.

After you submit your job listing, if you’re working with a coach, WizeHire reviews the same job ad for you to make sure the listing will attract quality candidates for your role.

I submitted a posting for a commissioned salesperson and mentioned the commission plan was “uncapped,” which is something any salesperson worth their salt would want to see.

Apparently, “uncapped” commissions are a flag for job boards due to past activity from unscrupulous companies and can limit your listing from being shown on job search websites. 

I had no idea and was thankful my WizeHire coach caught this and fixed my listing before it was published on so many job boards. I was impressed by that attention to detail, and the trouble they saved me.

Job Posting Templates

WizeHire has dozens of job ad templates that are very well written and optimized to be shown on the job boards and get you results. So you don’t need to start from scratch creating your job listing. 

These templates were created with small businesses and service businesses in mind too. So if you run a plumbing or HVAC business, the WizeHire team has you covered to make sure you’re hiring quality candidates. Here are just a few examples of their job listing templates: 

  • HVAC Installation Technician
  • HVAC Dispatcher
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Construction Worker
  • Appliance Repair Technician
  • Tree Climber
  • Arborist

Easy To Read Hiring Process Dashboard

The dashboard is super clean and easy to understand. You can see a screenshot of the two positions I have open below.

When you click on any of your job listings, you’ll see several columns of the different hiring stages. If the default stages don’t match your hiring process, you can easily update, add, or delete the different stages.

On the left rail menu, you can see some different options to filter your candidates. 

The first one is Personality Fit, which is based on the popular DISC assessment and can test behavioral and motivational skills. The DISC assessment is automatically emailed to all job applicants after they apply.

The job applicant’s answers to the DISC assessment are evaluated against the type of position you’ve listed. So the same candidate who is marked “Excellent” for my sales opening, may be marked “Poor” for an accounting position. 

This service is included in your basic WizeHire subscription, and fully integrated into the platform – no setup required.

In addition to the obvious benefit of better matching applicants to the position, this is another tool to help you filter out candidates who couldn’t be bothered to complete this stage of your process. This allows you to get more information from a candidate that you would not get from just the resume. You want people motivated to work for your company, not just land any job they can get.

Filtering Options

I can just check the boxes for Excellent and Very Good personality fits, and focus my time on 37 applicants, instead of 114 total candidates.

There’s even a column for WizeHire Recommended candidates you can start with if you like. 

According to WizeHire, “the recommended column highlights candidates you may be interested in based on personality fit for the role and answers to your screening questions.”

There are also filters for years of experience performing the job duties, and Time Zone if you’re hiring for a remote role.

Candidate Pipeline Management

As candidates move through your hiring process, you can drag and drop them into the correct stage to keep track of where everybody is in your process.

Automated Messaging

WizeHire provides automated templates from expert hiring coaches that can be customized to keep your candidates updated about their status in your hiring process. 

You’ll be able to select all the candidates you want to speak with and, with a couple of clicks, email them all at once an interview request. I included a Calendly link, but WizeHire offers Google Calendar integration for scheduling.

If you need to pass on a candidate, rejection templates are offered. 

Proper communication with job applicants can protect your brand’s reputation online. 

The last thing you want to do is ghost someone who took the time to interview with your company. 

First, you wouldn’t want to be treated like that. Second, you don’t want that person to publicly shame you on Glassdoor.

Insight Into Your Existing Team

WizeHire also offers a DISC assessment for your existing team. There will be a custom link inside your account that you can share with your current team members and learn more about their motivations and strengths. 

The information collected from your team assessments will be compiled and used to create a custom team report for you. The company says that your hiring coach will review this with you, and strategize on ways to fill any potential gaps on your team.


Under the Clients tab, you’ll find a page for integrations. There are currently 3 integrations listed in my account.

  1. Connect your Indeed Ads account to the platform so WizeHire can help optimize your ads.

  2. If you use Gusto for your payroll, you can import new hires within seconds using this integration.

  3. If you use a third-party CRM, WizeHire provides a Zapier API Key to help you connect accounts.

  4. WizeHire provides job widget code so you can advertise your open positions on your website.

So far, I’ve only tested the Job Widget code, which is easy for you or your website provider to embed on your Careers page.

Other Settings & Options

Also found in the Account Settings area, you can connect your calendar for interview scheduling, review interview guides, and manage various email notifications and templates.

Referral Link With Discount & Free Coaching Add-On

Here’s the referral link if you want a discount off your subscription plus the free 1-1 coaching session with WizeHire. This is the best way to get started with the platform and post your first job listing.

This is the complete list of benefits you get as a Dominant Digital referral:

  • 10% off your WizeHire subscription – $179/month includes unlimited job ads (in your primary market) and unlimited DISC assessments.
  • 1-on-1 VIP hiring support: Priority hiring support to understand how to use the features in the dashboard, posting a new job ad, or if you need to take a deeper dive into any job ads to optimize them
  • Training on best practices, and DISC, only provided through partners

Is WizeHire Legit?

As an SEO company, I couldn’t help but notice people searching for “is wizehire legit.” I’m pleased to say – Yes, WizeHire is a legit company with outstanding customer service and very nice employees I’ve met with over Zoom on several occasions.

The company is based in Houston, Texas. According to Crunchbase, they have between 11 – 50 employees, and likely more according to their LinkedIn company page which lists 114 employees at the time of this article.


What Is “Local SEO” In Denver

Finding a local SEO Denver consultant is no easy task for a business owner. 

If you’re reading this, you already know ranking on Page 1 on search engines like Google is important. Search engine optimization can get you ranking, but finding the best Denver SEO partner can be a challenge.

We hope this post serves as a guide to help you find your next Denver SEO partner.

Local SEO Services in Denver

First, let’s cover what Local SEO is. 

“Local SEO”, or local search engine optimization, usually refers to the Maps listings on Google’s search engine results page

But Local SEO can be used more broadly to include local keyword rankings below the Maps section. 

We’ll review both here, as they’re important parts of a successful local SEO program for local businesses to increase local customers.

When Google thinks you’re looking for a local business, it will show the local pack or Maps feature on the results page.

Consider a search for a “restaurant near me.” Google sees that location is important to you and generates the map pack. Same thing for “flooring company Centennial, CO.” 

The local pack will usually display 3 local listings, and give the option to show more.

To rank in the local pack, you’ll need to create a Google Business Profile for your business. If you’ve heard the term Google My Business Page, it’s the same thing. Google changed the name to Google Business Profile in 2021 to keep things interesting.

You can set up yours at:, and follow the prompts.

After you get your listing, you’ll want to complete every field with your information. The information you provide helps Google help your local search, so don’t skimp.

From there, you’ll need to start the process of getting reviews.

Business Page Reviews

Many local businesses wonder how many Google reviews they need.

Here’s a pro tip: Look at the businesses that are ranking in the top 3 spots in the Google Maps local pack for the local keywords you want to rank for. (insert image)

Add up the review count of each one and divide by 3. That will give you a good target to shoot for.

Here’s a local pack that appeared for a search for “flooring companies Denver CO”:

If you’re a flooring company in Denver, you might want to rank in this section.

The 3 listings add up to 99 reviews, divided by 3, which gives you an average of 33 reviews.

It’s not a perfect science, but 33 reviews will keep you competitive. 

One final note on Google reviews:

Stay away from any company offering to sell you reviews. Buying reviews is against Google’s terms of service. You don’t want to get a penalty that affects your rankings. 

In extreme cases, fake reviews can result in action from the FTC.

Local Search Results

In addition to reviews, the other most important ranking factor with local search results is proximity. This means the location of the local customers doing the Google search matters. If that person is farther away from your business location, it will be more difficult to appear in Maps. 

That’s a hard one to optimize for since you can’t control when and where people are looking for your services. However, it’s important to understand for a local business that wants to rank on Maps. 

We can see how important proximity is for your Maps ranking through tools like this one. We use this tool with our clients to help us understand the reach of their Maps listing.

We can see the power of proximity on display here. The farther away the searcher or local customers are from the business location (where the map pin is), the further down the list the business appears.

Optimizing for Search Engines

Now that I’ve covered the two biggest ranking factors in Maps (Reviews & Proximity), let’s discuss Google’s Organic search results. These appear below the Maps section and are important for any local business.

We can see the top 3 organic listings above. Denver Hardwood is in Position #1 (and also appears in slot 3/3 of the Maps section above). A+ Hardwood Floors and Colorado Flooring follow in positions 2 and 3.

Research shows that the local business in position #1 in the organic section has huge benefits. On average, the click-through rate for the #1 position is around 30%. 

The Click-through rate tells us how many clicks a website gets as a percentage of total impressions.

Using a click-through rate assumption, we can estimate how much traffic a business gets from a given keyword through keyword research. 

Through keyword research, we know there are about 480 Google searches/mo for the keyword “hardwood flooring Denver.” So we can estimate that this business is getting about 144 clicks per month from this keyword alone (480 x 30%)!

The Click-through rate falls to around 15% for position #2, and below 10% for position #3. Listings below the third position for a given keyword still get clicks, but it drops substantially after the third position. 

Organic Local Search Factors

Organic local search results are ranked on over 200 different factors.

These factors mostly boil down to three areas: Content, Links, and Technical optimization.

  1. Content is what we all see and read when we look at a website. Google is getting better at image recognition, but words on the page are critical to having effective content on your website.

  2. Links can be both internal and external. Internal links are how the pages on your website link to one another. External links are also known as “backlinks.” Backlinks are links from other websites that link back to yours. Google considers these “votes of confidence” in your website and its content.

  3. Technical SEO focuses on improving the user experience of your website. For example, improving the load time of your website on mobile devices will make your users happy. Fixing broken links on your website can also help provide a better experience. Google wants to make sure your website provides a great user experience if it’s going to promote you in its rankings. 

In conclusion, an effective local SEO strategy will include both Maps and Organic search engine optimization management. Combining the two local SEO services will maximize your local SEO reach on search engines within the Denver, CO market.

If you need Denver local SEO services or local search marketing, call us or drop us a line on our contact page to learn more about our local SEO services.

Dominant Digital is a local SEO company specializing in service-based businesses that want to reach more profitable customers online.