About Dominant Digital

Why Dominant Digital​

Dominant Digital is a leading provider of search engine optimization, ads management, and website services for local companies throughout the United States.

The agency was founded by Chris Licause, an industry veteran with 20 years experience working with businesses across many industries. Chris is actively involved and oversees every client campaign. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe in providing high quality marketing services to all our clients. We treat clients with the highest respect, and take time to communicate campaign performance on a regular basis. You will always know what we’re working on at all times. Finally, unlike competitors eager to sell to anyone and everyone, we offer exclusivity in each market. Therefore, if you become a client, you never have to worry about us helping your competitors.

Dominant Digital Delivers

Superior Customer Service

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We go the extra mile to ensure all clients get regular updates and maximum value from their program.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We take time at the beginning of every campaign to understand your business goals & conduct detailed research to get you results faster.

No Gimmicks, No Nonsense

We only perform and recommend "white-hat" tactics that will get you long-term results, consistent with what Google wants to see.

How We Partner With Clients

Search Engine Optimization

Grow your organic presence
on Google without


Get the website you always wanted that's consistent with the quality services you offer.

Google Ads

Scale your business faster with
Google Ads managed by an official Google Partner.


We didn’t just want more leads, we wanted more quality leads. We contracted Chris and he hit an absolute bullseye as far as achieving that for us. I thought maybe it might work for six months and then we’ve dried up all the potential customers in a market. That hasn’t been the case at all. It seems to grow more and more with time.
Business Owner
I went through a few bad apples before I found Dominant Digital, and I am happy I did! They took the time to listen to the things that are most important for my business and for my website to portray, and created a beautiful site that I love! Also, they are extremely responsive when I need to make an update and take care of things quickly. Highly recommend!!
Rachel F.
Business Owner
I hired Dominant Digital Agency to build a website and do online marketing for me. I’m so glad I did! Their team is incredible to work with, and actually took the time to understand my business which is multifaceted. I really enjoy having a local marketing company here in Denver that I trust and delivers results for my business.
Jonathan G.
Business Owner