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Unlock the Power of Landscaping SEO and Watch Your Business Flourish in the Digital Landscape

Welcome to the digital gateway that holds the keys to unlocking your landscaping business’s online potential. Dominant Digital Agency is your dedicated partner, specializing in the art and science of Landscaping SEO services that catapult your business to the forefront of the digital landscape. If you’re eager to harness the full power of your landscaping expertise and extend your reach to a wider audience, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination.

In the ever-evolving digital realm, your landscaping company deserves a spotlight, and we’re here to make it happen. Our Landscaping SEO services are meticulously designed to ensure your online presence not only reflects your landscaping prowess but also captivates the right audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned landscaping veteran or just starting on your green journey, our expertise can help you navigate the complex terrain of online visibility, attract new clients, and flourish in the competitive digital landscape. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities where your landscaping business thrives online, and your expertise becomes a beacon for those seeking your services.

Why Landscaping SEO Matters

In a digital age where information is at our fingertips, your landscape business needs to be discovered online just as easily as your designs captivate in person. This is where Landscaping SEO comes into play. It’s not just about having a stunning website; it’s about ensuring that potential clients find your services effortlessly when they’re searching for landscaping solutions.

Effective search engine optimization (SEO) for landscaping companies is the bridge that connects your expertise with those actively seeking it. Through meticulous keyword research and fine-tuned optimization, your website becomes a beacon that search engines can’t ignore.

When someone in your city searches for “best landscaping services near me,” your website won’t get lost in the digital clutter; it will ascend to the top of the search engine results. This not only makes you the go-to choice for anyone seeking expert landscaping solutions but also solidifies your online presence as a trusted authority in the landscaping industry.

In essence, Landscaping SEO is the compass guiding potential clients directly to your door, ensuring your business thrives in the digital landscape.

Our Landscaping SEO Expertise

At Dominant Digital Agency, we specialize in crafting Landscaping SEO strategies that bring your business to the forefront of online visibility. Our dedicated digital marketing experts, combined with seasoned landscapers, understand the intricacies of both the online realm and the physical world.

Our dedication to optimizing every facet of your online presence, from meta descriptions to user experience, ensures that your website not only attracts but captivates website visitors. This unique blend allows us to create strategies that not only boost your online presence but also resonate with your landscaping ethos.

Tailored Keyword Strategies For Landscaping Companies

We know that the heart of SEO lies in keywords. Our experts conduct in-depth research to identify the keywords that potential clients are using to find landscaping services. Whether it’s “landscape design,” “garden makeover,” or “front yard renovation,” we ensure your website is optimized to appear for the queries that matter the most.

Compelling Content Creation

Engaging content is the backbone of any successful SEO strategy. Our skilled content creators curate articles, blog posts, and visual content that not only showcase your expertise but also educate and inspire your audience. From tips on plant care to trends in outdoor design, we cover it all to position you as a thought leader in the landscaping industry.

Local SEO Dominance

Landscaping is a localized service, and we understand the significance of targeting your immediate community. Our Local SEO tactics ensure that your business gets discovered by individuals in your vicinity. We optimize your Google My Business listing, create location-specific landing pages, and harness the power of online reviews to establish your credibility.

Stunning Visual Showcase

Landscaping is a visual art, and we believe your online presence should reflect that. Our team emphasizes visual storytelling, creating captivating portfolios that showcase your past projects. Potential clients can immerse themselves in your work before even stepping foot in their own transformed spaces.

Responsive Web Design

In the digital age, a responsive and user-friendly website is non-negotiable. Our web design experts craft websites that not only look stunning on all devices but also load quickly and offer intuitive navigation. A seamless user experience is key to keeping visitors engaged and encouraging them to explore your services further.

The Landscaping SEO Process


We delve into your business values, goals, and target audience to understand what makes your landscaping services unique. By gaining a profound understanding of what sets your landscaping services apart, we lay the groundwork for a customized SEO strategy that aligns seamlessly with your brand.

Keyword Research

Through extensive keyword research, we identify the keywords with the highest potential to drive targeted traffic to your website. These carefully selected keywords form the sturdy pillars upon which our content and optimization endeavors are built.

Content Creation

Our team of content creators develops engaging, informative, and visually appealing content that resonates with your audience. This content not only serves to elevate your SEO rankings but also establishes your authority within the landscaping industry.

On-Page Optimization

Our commitment to perfection extends to every nook and cranny of your website. From crafting a compelling meta title and meta description to optimizing headers and meticulously tagging images with descriptive alt text, we leave no stone unturned. This meticulous approach ensures that search engines effortlessly decipher your content, ultimately rewarding it with higher rankings.

Local SEO Strategies

To conquer the local landscaping market, we implement a tailored suite of strategies. This includes deploying geo-targeted keywords that ensure your business appears prominently in local searches.

Additionally, we create location-specific landing pages and optimize your Google My Business profile to bolster your presence in local search results.

Link Building

High-quality backlinks are essential for search engine optimization success. We construct a comprehensive outreach strategy designed to secure authoritative backlinks. These coveted links not only enhance your website’s credibility but also elevate its visibility on search engine result pages.

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is the backbone of a successful online presence, encompassing the critical behind-the-scenes optimizations that ensure a website’s performance, accessibility, and indexability meet search engine standards.

Our technical SEO services involve fine-tuning technical aspects such as website speed, mobile-friendliness, structured data markup, XML sitemaps, and canonical tags. By addressing these technical elements during the SEO campaign, a landscaping company can enhance its search engine rankings, user experience, and overall digital visibility, ultimately paving the way for higher organic traffic and improved online success.

Monitoring and Analysis

We understand that SEO is an ongoing journey for landscaping companies. Thus, our commitment doesn’t end with the implementation of strategies. We continuously monitor your website’s performance, keeping a watchful eye on keyword rankings, scrutinizing the search engine results page, and analyzing user behavior.

This data-driven approach empowers us to make informed adjustments, ensuring your SEO strategy consistently delivers optimal results.

How Our Search Engine Optimization Services Are Different

At our agency, our approach to SEO for landscapers goes beyond the conventional. We understand that a successful landscaping SEO campaign is not just about optimizing title tags and meta descriptions.

It’s about crafting a comprehensive strategy that integrates search engine marketing seamlessly into your landscaping company’s online presence. We don’t stop at superficial tweaks; we delve deep into the intricate world of Google search, utilizing tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics to unearth invaluable insights.

From optimizing your website for mobile-friendliness to creating captivating blog posts that resonate with your audience, our landscaping SEO services are a holistic journey towards dominating search engine results pages. We’re not just about getting you on the first page of search results; we’re about ensuring your business stands out and thrives in the highly competitive digital landscape.

Focus On Local Customers

In the world of landscaping SEO services, a strategic focus on local customers can make all the difference. At our SEO company, we understand that landscaping is a service deeply rooted in local communities. That’s why we prioritize enhancing your visibility in local Google searches.

From optimizing your Google Business Profile listing to ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and optimized for local keywords related to landscaping ideas, we employ an effective SEO strategy tailored specifically for landscapers.

Our meticulous keyword research tools help us uncover the ideal long-tail keywords that resonate with local audiences, ensuring your business not only appears on Google Maps but also in the hearts of those seeking your expertise.

We craft compelling descriptions, blog posts brimming with landscaping insights, and page titles that draw in local customers searching for the best. With our landscaping SEO guide and expertise in Google AdWords, we’re here to ensure your landscape business thrives in local search results, connecting you with the customers who matter most.

Transform Your Landscaping Business with Expert Landscaping SEO Services

In the realm of digital marketing, where a robust online presence holds paramount importance, our SEO company excels in customizing strategic landscaping SEO services. These services are meticulously crafted to position your business prominently within Google search results.

Our approach encompasses the creation of engaging blog posts that resonate with your audience while ensuring your digital marketing strategy aligns seamlessly with the unique requirements of the landscaping industry.

Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of the digital landscape, propelling your business to new heights of online visibility and success.

Experience the Transformation

Your landscaping company deserves to flourish both in the real world and online. Let Dominant Digital Agency be your partner in this journey of evolution. Together, we’ll unlock the power of Landscaping SEO, ensuring your business thrives in the digital landscape while you continue to create awe-inspiring outdoor sanctuaries.

Don’t let your expertise remain hidden in the shadows of the internet. Embrace the potential of Landscaping SEO and watch your business bloom like never before. Contact us today to embark on this exciting path toward online visibility, growth, and success.

Client Testimonials

“We didn’t just want more leads, we wanted more quality leads, customers that match our business and the type of product that we deliver. We contracted Dominant Digital and they just hit an absolute bullseye as far as achieving that for us. I thought maybe it might work for six months and then we’ve dried up all the potential customers in a market and we have to move on to something else. That hasn’t been the case at all. It seems to grow more and more with time.” – Brian E.

“What do you look for in a company other than professionalism, quality work, and a great product? Working with Dominant Digital has transformed the way that we’d previously viewed advertising. They have driven our business to push more boundaries and expand more than we’d thought possible. Thank you very much Chris (and the rest of the team) for all of your hard work. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.” – Joseph T.


SEO is a gradual process, and results may vary based on factors like competition, keywords, and your website’s current state. However, many of our clients start seeing improvements in their rankings and website traffic within a few months.

SEO is an ongoing effort. While initial optimization lays the foundation, consistent updates, content creation, and monitoring are crucial to maintaining and improving your search engine rankings.

While we strive for the best results, no ethical SEO agency can guarantee a specific rank on search engines. Our focus is on creating a robust strategy that increases your visibility and drives targeted traffic over time.

Our SEO strategies involve optimizing your website for relevant keywords, creating an optimized meta description and title tag, creating high-quality page and blog post content, improving website speed, focusing on ensuring a mobile friendly website, and building authoritative backlinks. These actions signal to search engines that your website is valuable to users, leading to higher rankings.

Absolutely! We cater to businesses of all sizes, understanding that every landscaping venture deserves a chance to shine online. Our strategies are tailored to meet the unique needs and budgets of small, medium, and large businesses alike.

SEO campaigns can benefit your landscaping company by increasing your online presence, attracting more potential customers, improving your website’s ranking on search engines, and ultimately boosting your revenue. It’s a cost-effective way to grow your business.

Keyword research is crucial in landscaping SEO. It helps landscaping and lawn care companies understand the search terms potential customers use. By using a keyword research tool, businesses can optimize their online content and improve their visibility, ensuring they connect with the right audience and boost their search rankings.

Yes, mobile optimization is a critical aspect of our Landscaping SEO services. With more people using mobile devices to search, having a mobile-friendly website not only improves user experience but also positively impacts search engine rankings.

Local SEO falls under the broader umbrella of SEO and is dedicated to enhancing your digital visibility for localized search queries. It’s designed to boost your landscaping company’s visibility in local map listings and ‘near me’ searches, streamlining the process for nearby customers to discover and reach out to your business.

High-quality content plays a pivotal role in optimizing your Landscape Company’s SEO. We craft informative, engaging, and relevant content for your website to captivate search engines, entice potential customers searching for landscape companies, and drive more traffic. Our content repertoire encompasses blog posts, service area pages, landscaping service pages, and more to target the keywords that potential customers search.

Certainly, we offer continuous SEO maintenance, monitoring, and reporting services to guarantee your landscaping business maintains its strong position in search results. We will furnish consistent progress reports on your website’s performance and implement on-page SEO enhancements as required to sustain or enhance your rankings.

Initiating the process is easy—just reach out to us via our website or by giving us a call. We’ll arrange a consultation to delve into your unique requirements, objectives, and financial constraints. Following that, we’ll craft a customized SEO strategy to propel your landscaping business toward online success.

Get in Touch

Ready to embark on a journey of digital transformation for your landscaping business? Reach out to us today to learn how our SEO for landscapers can elevate the online presence of your landscaping company and drive growth like never before.


WizeHire Review – An Employer’s Experience 2022

I’ve created this WizeHire review for employers who want to learn more about this hiring platform.

This article will take you through every step of my experience hiring a new employee with WizeHire. I’ll also provide some comparisons to what I’ve experienced using Indeed’s platform.

At the bottom of this review, I’ve included a referral link, which will give you the same discount and perks I get as a WizeHire partner. This includes a 1-on-1 VIP hiring support with one of the WizeHire’s hiring coaches. 

This is a true coaching session, where the coach’s only purpose is to help you create an effective job listing and teach you the platform (no selling – how refreshing!). 

The first thing to know about WizeHire is that your job applicants don’t need to know anything about WizeHire to find your job posting. 

If you were just limiting yourself to posting positions on Indeed, many more applicants will find your job listings with WizeHire’s platform. 

That’s because WizeHire broadcasts your job listing across the top 100 job boards, including Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Zip Recruiter so you can hit multiple job sites. 

So its reach is tremendous. 

But where WizeHire shines is its ability to help you filter job applicants to help you find qualified candidates. 

As a small business owner, it’s the type of platform I assumed only large businesses with HR departments have.

When I’ve posted jobs on Indeed in the past, I’d get a ton of applicants. Some were great and some clearly never read or understood the job listing.

The problem is that if you get too many “bad” applicants, it makes it hard to even see the good ones.

I recently a job posting for a remote sales position on Indeed and received over 500 applications in a short period of time. 

As a small business owner, without an HR department to sift through all the applications, I couldn’t even review half of those applicants. 

It was so frustrating because I’m sure there were some great, qualified candidates I didn’t get a chance to speak with. If you were one of them – I’m so sorry!

WizeHire allows you to post multiple job postings for a flat monthly amount, and there’s no separate budget required for job ad spend on those listings. Although, they provide the option to add job ad spend if it makes sense.

Meet Your Hiring Coaches

If you use a partner’s referral link (like the one I provide below), you’ll get access to WizeHire’s coaching team.

This is a huge value for small businesses without dedicated HR support. 

Small business owners have to know something about all aspects of running a business, but we’re not really HR people are we? 

I appreciate being able to tell a hiring expert what I’m looking for and they can help me customize my job listing and create quality job ads, without trying to upsell me anything.

After you submit your job listing, if you’re working with a coach, WizeHire reviews the same job ad for you to make sure the listing will attract quality candidates for your role.

I submitted a posting for a commissioned salesperson and mentioned the commission plan was “uncapped,” which is something any salesperson worth their salt would want to see.

Apparently, “uncapped” commissions are a flag for job boards due to past activity from unscrupulous companies and can limit your listing from being shown on job search websites. 

I had no idea and was thankful my WizeHire coach caught this and fixed my listing before it was published on so many job boards. I was impressed by that attention to detail, and the trouble they saved me.

Job Posting Templates

WizeHire has dozens of job ad templates that are very well written and optimized to be shown on the job boards and get you results. So you don’t need to start from scratch creating your job listing. 

These templates were created with small businesses and service businesses in mind too. So if you run a plumbing or HVAC business, the WizeHire team has you covered to make sure you’re hiring quality candidates. Here are just a few examples of their job listing templates: 

  • HVAC Installation Technician
  • HVAC Dispatcher
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Construction Worker
  • Appliance Repair Technician
  • Tree Climber
  • Arborist

Easy To Read Hiring Process Dashboard

The dashboard is super clean and easy to understand. You can see a screenshot of the two positions I have open below.

When you click on any of your job listings, you’ll see several columns of the different hiring stages. If the default stages don’t match your hiring process, you can easily update, add, or delete the different stages.

On the left rail menu, you can see some different options to filter your candidates. 

The first one is Personality Fit, which is based on the popular DISC assessment and can test behavioral and motivational skills. The DISC assessment is automatically emailed to all job applicants after they apply.

The job applicant’s answers to the DISC assessment are evaluated against the type of position you’ve listed. So the same candidate who is marked “Excellent” for my sales opening, may be marked “Poor” for an accounting position. 

This service is included in your basic WizeHire subscription, and fully integrated into the platform – no setup required.

In addition to the obvious benefit of better matching applicants to the position, this is another tool to help you filter out candidates who couldn’t be bothered to complete this stage of your process. This allows you to get more information from a candidate that you would not get from just the resume. You want people motivated to work for your company, not just land any job they can get.

Filtering Options

I can just check the boxes for Excellent and Very Good personality fits, and focus my time on 37 applicants, instead of 114 total candidates.

There’s even a column for WizeHire Recommended candidates you can start with if you like. 

According to WizeHire, “the recommended column highlights candidates you may be interested in based on personality fit for the role and answers to your screening questions.”

There are also filters for years of experience performing the job duties, and Time Zone if you’re hiring for a remote role.

Candidate Pipeline Management

As candidates move through your hiring process, you can drag and drop them into the correct stage to keep track of where everybody is in your process.

Automated Messaging

WizeHire provides automated templates from expert hiring coaches that can be customized to keep your candidates updated about their status in your hiring process. 

You’ll be able to select all the candidates you want to speak with and, with a couple of clicks, email them all at once an interview request. I included a Calendly link, but WizeHire offers Google Calendar integration for scheduling.

If you need to pass on a candidate, rejection templates are offered. 

Proper communication with job applicants can protect your brand’s reputation online. 

The last thing you want to do is ghost someone who took the time to interview with your company. 

First, you wouldn’t want to be treated like that. Second, you don’t want that person to publicly shame you on Glassdoor.

Insight Into Your Existing Team

WizeHire also offers a DISC assessment for your existing team. There will be a custom link inside your account that you can share with your current team members and learn more about their motivations and strengths. 

The information collected from your team assessments will be compiled and used to create a custom team report for you. The company says that your hiring coach will review this with you, and strategize on ways to fill any potential gaps on your team.


Under the Clients tab, you’ll find a page for integrations. There are currently 3 integrations listed in my account.

  1. Connect your Indeed Ads account to the platform so WizeHire can help optimize your ads.

  2. If you use Gusto for your payroll, you can import new hires within seconds using this integration.

  3. If you use a third-party CRM, WizeHire provides a Zapier API Key to help you connect accounts.

  4. WizeHire provides job widget code so you can advertise your open positions on your website.

So far, I’ve only tested the Job Widget code, which is easy for you or your website provider to embed on your Careers page.

Other Settings & Options

Also found in the Account Settings area, you can connect your calendar for interview scheduling, review interview guides, and manage various email notifications and templates.

Referral Link With Discount & Free Coaching Add-On

Here’s the referral link if you want a discount off your subscription plus the free 1-1 coaching session with WizeHire. This is the best way to get started with the platform and post your first job listing.

This is the complete list of benefits you get as a Dominant Digital referral:

  • 10% off your WizeHire subscription – $179/month includes unlimited job ads (in your primary market) and unlimited DISC assessments.
  • 1-on-1 VIP hiring support: Priority hiring support to understand how to use the features in the dashboard, posting a new job ad, or if you need to take a deeper dive into any job ads to optimize them
  • Training on best practices, and DISC, only provided through partners

Is WizeHire Legit?

As an SEO company, I couldn’t help but notice people searching for “is wizehire legit.” I’m pleased to say – Yes, WizeHire is a legit company with outstanding customer service and very nice employees I’ve met with over Zoom on several occasions.

The company is based in Houston, Texas. According to Crunchbase, they have between 11 – 50 employees, and likely more according to their LinkedIn company page which lists 114 employees at the time of this article.


What Is “Local SEO” In Denver

Finding a local SEO Denver consultant is no easy task for a business owner. 

If you’re reading this, you already know ranking on Page 1 on search engines like Google is important. Search engine optimization can get you ranking, but finding the best Denver SEO partner can be a challenge.

We hope this post serves as a guide to help you find your next Denver SEO partner.

Local SEO Services in Denver

First, let’s cover what Local SEO is. 

“Local SEO”, or local search engine optimization, usually refers to the Maps listings on Google’s search engine results page

But Local SEO can be used more broadly to include local keyword rankings below the Maps section. 

We’ll review both here, as they’re important parts of a successful local SEO program for local businesses to increase local customers.

When Google thinks you’re looking for a local business, it will show the local pack or Maps feature on the results page.

Consider a search for a “restaurant near me.” Google sees that location is important to you and generates the map pack. Same thing for “flooring company Centennial, CO.” 

The local pack will usually display 3 local listings, and give the option to show more.

To rank in the local pack, you’ll need to create a Google Business Profile for your business. If you’ve heard the term Google My Business Page, it’s the same thing. Google changed the name to Google Business Profile in 2021 to keep things interesting.

You can set up yours at: https://business.google.com/, and follow the prompts.

After you get your listing, you’ll want to complete every field with your information. The information you provide helps Google help your local search, so don’t skimp.

From there, you’ll need to start the process of getting reviews.

Business Page Reviews

Many local businesses wonder how many Google reviews they need.

Here’s a pro tip: Look at the businesses that are ranking in the top 3 spots in the Google Maps local pack for the local keywords you want to rank for. (insert image)

Add up the review count of each one and divide by 3. That will give you a good target to shoot for.

Here’s a local pack that appeared for a search for “flooring companies Denver CO”:

If you’re a flooring company in Denver, you might want to rank in this section.

The 3 listings add up to 99 reviews, divided by 3, which gives you an average of 33 reviews.

It’s not a perfect science, but 33 reviews will keep you competitive. 

One final note on Google reviews:

Stay away from any company offering to sell you reviews. Buying reviews is against Google’s terms of service. You don’t want to get a penalty that affects your rankings. 

In extreme cases, fake reviews can result in action from the FTC. https://www.ftc.gov/business-guidance/blog/2022/01/ill-pay-you-give-blog-post-five-stars

Local Search Results

In addition to reviews, the other most important ranking factor with local search results is proximity. This means the location of the local customers doing the Google search matters. If that person is farther away from your business location, it will be more difficult to appear in Maps. 

That’s a hard one to optimize for since you can’t control when and where people are looking for your services. However, it’s important to understand for a local business that wants to rank on Maps. 

We can see how important proximity is for your Maps ranking through tools like this one. We use this tool with our clients to help us understand the reach of their Maps listing.

We can see the power of proximity on display here. The farther away the searcher or local customers are from the business location (where the map pin is), the further down the list the business appears.

Optimizing for Search Engines

Now that I’ve covered the two biggest ranking factors in Maps (Reviews & Proximity), let’s discuss Google’s Organic search results. These appear below the Maps section and are important for any local business.

We can see the top 3 organic listings above. Denver Hardwood is in Position #1 (and also appears in slot 3/3 of the Maps section above). A+ Hardwood Floors and Colorado Flooring follow in positions 2 and 3.

Research shows that the local business in position #1 in the organic section has huge benefits. On average, the click-through rate for the #1 position is around 30%. 

The Click-through rate tells us how many clicks a website gets as a percentage of total impressions.

Using a click-through rate assumption, we can estimate how much traffic a business gets from a given keyword through keyword research. 

Through keyword research, we know there are about 480 Google searches/mo for the keyword “hardwood flooring Denver.” So we can estimate that this business is getting about 144 clicks per month from this keyword alone (480 x 30%)!

The Click-through rate falls to around 15% for position #2, and below 10% for position #3. Listings below the third position for a given keyword still get clicks, but it drops substantially after the third position. 

Organic Local Search Factors

Organic local search results are ranked on over 200 different factors.

These factors mostly boil down to three areas: Content, Links, and Technical optimization.

  1. Content is what we all see and read when we look at a website. Google is getting better at image recognition, but words on the page are critical to having effective content on your website.

  2. Links can be both internal and external. Internal links are how the pages on your website link to one another. External links are also known as “backlinks.” Backlinks are links from other websites that link back to yours. Google considers these “votes of confidence” in your website and its content.

  3. Technical SEO focuses on improving the user experience of your website. For example, improving the load time of your website on mobile devices will make your users happy. Fixing broken links on your website can also help provide a better experience. Google wants to make sure your website provides a great user experience if it’s going to promote you in its rankings. 

In conclusion, an effective local SEO strategy will include both Maps and Organic search engine optimization management. Combining the two local SEO services will maximize your local SEO reach on search engines within the Denver, CO market.

If you need Denver local SEO services or local search marketing, call us or drop us a line on our contact page to learn more about our local SEO services.

Dominant Digital is a local SEO company specializing in service-based businesses that want to reach more profitable customers online.


SEO for HVAC Contractors

As the owner of an HVAC company, you have a lot on your mind and to-do list on any given day. However, one important task you can’t afford to ignore is getting noticed and acquiring the right leads and new customers.

Are you frustrated by the amount or quality of leads you’re currently receiving? Do you want to grow your HVAC company and increase website traffic and sales? Then you’re in the right place to learn more about search engine optimization and our services.


The Current Landscape of the HVAC Industry

The reality is that there are many homeowners who need your services. However, there are also many companies likely in your area that perform the work.

The demand and need are there, as shipments of air conditioning units continue to increase with steady growth. Learn more about SEO for HVAC contractors and what it can do for you and your business.

You must stand out among your competitors and ensure that you’re showing up first in the search engine rankings so you’re not being overlooked. In fact, having an SEO strategy for your HVAC company is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to attract and get quality leads to your business. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today so we can help you succeed.

SEO for HVAC Contractors

With the right SEO approach and strategy, you can effectively improve your website’s visibility in organic search results and boost website conversion rates. Our services are here to help, as we offer SEO support to HVAC contractors like yourself.

You may fall short and experience even less business if you don’t recognize the importance of SEO for HVAC contractors. Generally speaking, good SEO optimizes your visibility online so that you can get your services out to a larger number of people.

Ranking in Google

As an entrepreneur, you may already know the importance of ranking higher in Google and that more people than ever are online searching for answers and services. You must have a strong online presence if you’re going to stay in business long term. When you pay for SEO services, you’ll get the opportunity to rank on page one. The factors are continually changing and you need the help of the experts to ensure you remain on the first page over time.

What’s in it for You?

HVAC contractors are using SEO services to increase website traffic, the number of calls, quality leads, and most importantly, sales. Given your industry and the line of work you’re in, ranking at the top of Google and Bing is critical. There’s a lot of competition out there and you must have a strong online presence.

Using professional HVAC SEO services is one way to resolve the issue of your company not currently ranking very high for keywords your customers are using in the search engines.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important for HVAC Contractors?

Typically, HVAC companies have been known to focus on using traditional advertising methods like print, direct mail, billboards, television, and radio campaigns. However, if you don’t have a strong presence on Google, your advertising investment may send customers to your competitors when they can’t find you online.

The most popular “yellow pages” today are now Google and other Internet directories. You can gain more traffic to your website and services through SEO at minimal cost – all you’re paying for is the SEO services. However, it’ll be worth the investment since you’ll attract many more prospective customers in a shorter amount of time and with a long-lasting result.

What is SEO for HVAC?

You may also be wondering, what is SEO for HVAC and why it should matter to you. There are a variety of factors that determine the ideal SEO strategy for your company. However, the ultimate goal no matter what type of business owner you are is to raise awareness in SERPs. SEO for HVAC contractors specifically will concentrate on advising various onsite or offsite sites that can effectively increase an HVAC company’s rank in SERPs.

Can I Do My Own HVAC SEO?

Yes, you certainly can do your own SEO for your HVAC company. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the results you desire. The idea of SEO and what you’re aiming for is to find the right leads and customers who are actually interested in using your services and spending money with you.

What’s at Stake

If you don’t know what you’re doing then you risk doing more damage or harm than good. Be glad to know our SEO services for HVAC companies are not only affordable but we guarantee positive results.

You not only want to rank higher in the search engines but also improve your Google Map ranking, and our team can help you do just that.

Why Hire an HVAC SEO company?

So, why work with and hire an HVAC SEO company like ours? It’s because we have the skills, knowledge, and tools to help you find success in this area. We will help you:

  • Establish your brand on Google
  • Apply specific HVAC SEO optimization tactics
  • Build your social media presence
  • Account for mobile searches
  • Establish positive online reviews
  • Bring you more traffic with speedy results

Establishing Your Brand on Google

Establishing your brand on Google is not always easy but vital to your success. You must ensure that each customer who visits your site has a pleasant experience. Improve HVAC website SEO by being aware of your goals and what you want to achieve. Each page that customers visit needs to have strong messaging they can easily digest and understand.

Websites for HVAC Contractors

Your website also plays an essential role in your SEO success and overall business success. We’ll evaluate your current website with you, and only if it makes sense, we can recommend and build you an outstanding new HVAC website to help you sell more furnace and ac installations. We will get the content organized how Google wants it. As an agency specializing in SEO, you can count on your website being optimized for SEO right from the start.

DDA SEO Approach to Content & Websites

Too many website companies like to take a design template and figure out the content at the end. As an agency specializing in HVAC SEO strategies and Google Ads for home service clients, we take a different and we believe better approach.

Before we even talk about design, we develop a site map and plan for the content we’ll need to get your new website to rank for your most valuable keywords. We build the design around the content and features we need on the site.

Why is SEO the Best HVAC Marketing Strategy?

You may also be wondering why SEO is considered the best HVAC marketing strategy for your company. Statistics show that about 1 in 5 consumers use an HVAC service in the United States daily. You need to be on the first page if you want your services to get the attention they deserve.

With SEO services for HVAC, you’ll rank higher in search engines and your company will be promoted effectively by showing up on the first page. We will use the right keywords and our knowledge of the HVAC market to ensure you get visible results.

Building A Social Media Presence

Another important aspect you can’t overlook and that we can help you with is to build your social media presence. Consumers aren’t only searching for services online through search engines but also on social media.

You may be a business owner who is currently overlooking all the potential in this space and on these platforms. There are available tools on Facebook and Instagram, for example, which will help you stand out from your competitors as it relates to HVAC services and companies.

Additional Ways to Engage with Your Audience on Social Media

You may also want to consider live streaming what services you offer or walk homeowners through the repair or replacement process. These sorts of tactics will help you attract more attention and interest in your HVAC business.

What is Included with DDA SEO Services?

Do you want to be found when and where your best customers are looking? Then let Dominant Digital Agency help you. We offer a proven framework that will help you reach your most profitable customers online.

You may be curious about how we can help and what’s included in our SEO services. Below is what we can achieve together:

  • Audit and fix your website (more website traffic)
  • Build organic presence (including keyword research)
  • Get qualified leads now
  • Lead management software

We encourage you to contact us for a consultation to learn more. We’ll discuss your goals and budget, and if we believe we can help, we’ll schedule a follow-up. If not, we’ll try to point you in the right direction. It’s quick, easy, and always free of charge.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Keep in mind that it not only takes skill to achieve SEO results but also patience. You’re not going to experience all the advantages of working with an SEO company overnight. However, you can likely plan to see results and positive changes in your Google rankings within six months of starting.

Great SEO is not an overnight fix, but rather the process of continuously improving how your website is evaluated by Google. Once you get going, you’ll clearly notice the return on your investment. Ideally, your website should be kept updated and this will only help speed up the expected results and process.

Do We Have Experience in HVAC SEO Already?

Yes, we have many years of experience in HVAC and home service SEO already. We’ll use our skills and expertise to get your home service business ranking for the best keywords on Google.

When done correctly, page one rankings can be achieved across a variety of valuable keywords. Unlike Google Ads, you never have to pay for SEO clicks.

Are We A Google Certified Partner?

As a certified Google Partner, we have far exceeded all Google’s criteria for client budget under management, multiple certification exams, and campaign performance metrics. If you ever want professional Google Ads management to complement your SEO program, we’ve got you covered.

Importance of Local SEO & Advertising HVAC Services

Homeowners aren’t just looking for any HVAC company, but the ones that are in their service areas. Therefore, local SEO becomes even more important and can truly help you achieve greater results and profitability.

Similar to traditional SEO services, local SEO will connect your HVAC business with homeowners who need a heating and cooling company.

Local SEO & Additional Opportunities

As part of the overall SEO strategy, you’ll also receive services as it relates to local SEO. We’ll evaluate and improve your listings in Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, and more. Furthermore, we’ll help you optimize your HVAC company’s Google My Business page, and work with you to discover new opportunities to create more business citations.

SEO Process in Detail

Before hiring us, you might also want to know what the SEO process looks like in detail. First, we understand the importance of having to improve how a website looks in Google and will help you do so. Here are some ways in which we will achieve results:

  • The right content: Before we begin working with any client, we will assess the quality of the content present on your site. Many times, we find that websites lack the content they need for Google to rank them. Be glad to know that our team of writers specializes in writing great website copy for home service businesses, optimized for SEO.

We will help organize the content across your website based on how people are searching.

  • Onsite optimization: Google’s algorithm takes into account over 200 different factors in ranking websites. These factors include the length and quality of content on your site, how fast your site loads on mobile devices, how many other websites link to your site, and so much more. We will perform a full audit to see what updates will have the biggest impact and form our plan of attack from there.

Some websites require more assistance in this area than others, so our service is always customized to meet the needs of each website.

  • Link building: One way Google evaluates the authority of your site is by looking at what other websites link to your site, otherwise known as backlinks. We can see how many backlinks your competitors who rank on Page 1 have and figure out how many and which backlinks we need to get you in order to pass them in the rankings.

A quality backlinking strategy has the potential to move your website up the rankings quickly.

Create a Site Map

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is ensuring that you have got to grips with what your site and content are good at, and what they are not good at. We create a sitemap for your website which will feature all of the website pages and we break them down into categories based on relevance according to the search engines. Sitemaps are a very important way for a website to communicate with a search engine, which is invaluable to the entire SEO process. It doesn’t just give you a breakdown as to what will help you make sense of each category, but site maps tell the search engine which part of a website that they should include for indexing.

How Dominant Digital Determines SEO Success (what it looks like)

Success in SEO is so much more than achieving Page 1 rankings. Of course ranking your website will be necessary for success, however the true measure of SEO success is your bottom line. If we’re able to help you grow your business revenue and work with more of your ideal customers, that’s a win for both of us. We’ve done this many times before as you can see on our results page (insert link), and we look forward to seeing how we can do the same for your HVAC business.

Should I Hire an HVAC SEO Company?

The final question that might be on your mind is if you should go ahead and hire an HVAC SEO company. There are plenty of great reasons included in this page about why you should. Hopefully, you can clearly see that there are multiple advantages to hiring us.

For instance, it’ll free up time and energy for you to work on running your company. We will handle the day-to-day tasks and handle monitoring your presence and progress online. Our team will manage the entire process for you from start to finish and execute the plan and the SEO campaigns.

About Us

Dominant Digital is committed to serving our clients when it comes to HVAC SEO marketing. We do what’s best for them at all times. We provide powerful SEO services proven to help your website climb Google’s rankings.

We get our home service clients results by driving real people to their websites who want to book more furnace and a/c installation estimates. We’re all about generating business for you, not simply sending clicks to your website.

At Dominant Digital Agency, our team is changing the lives of small business owners nationwide, one client at a time. We care deeply about providing responsive and high-quality digital marketing programs for service-based companies such as HVAC company owners across the United States.

Next Steps

You may be trying your best with your marketing efforts but aren’t seeing the results you desire or any more quality leads and conversions. If this is your situation then it may be time to enlist some help. Are you ready to learn more about how SEO for HVAC contractors works and what we can do for you? Then get in touch today to get all your questions answered and the ball rolling.

Our process starts with booking a quick 15-minute consultation to see if we might be a fit to work together. You can also e-mail us through the contact form on our website.

We encourage you to read testimonials from past and current clients on our website to get a better idea of what to expect and the types of results you’ll see and experience.


Winning at Gutter Installation SEO

A vital part of your marketing strategy is search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO. For the uninitiated, search engine optimization is a vital aspect of increasing brand visibility in any online marketplace. If you are trying to drive more gutter website traffic to your business and highlight your gutter services so you can get more customers, you need to utilize SEO as a priority. For any SEO strategy to be implemented successfully, you’ve got to go in with the right approach and make sure that you understand how you can rank higher in the search engine results, but also make sure that any potential clients become permanent ones in the process. It all begins with SEO. 


Why Does SEO Matter for Your Gutter Business Online?

Just as a gutter system is a vital part of your drainage, your gutters installation business will rely on SEO as a crucial part of your business marketing. Search engine optimization is about using meaningful content with strategic keywords that help you increase your SERP ranking (search engine results page). Page one of Google is where most people stay and very rarely click onto page 2, so you need to utilize SEO to help you rank higher. We cannot rely purely on excellent content for lead generation. It’s important to remember that there are so many ways to drive your business towards the right people. We cannot take it for granted that the right people will come to us; we’ve got to ensure that they know we exist, which is where SEO strategies become invaluable.

The Different Types of SEO

If you want to complete a well-rounded organic search strategy, there are three types of SEO you need to be aware of:

  • On-page SEO.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

While there’s a lot to consider with SEO, one of the most important tools you can use is optimizing your on-page SEO. On-page SEO relates to the content of your website, and this type of SEO will include content creation, such as putting the target keywords in all the right places. Keyword research is the practice of using the best keywords to target your webpage to the people looking for those services. In terms of gutter installation companies, the keywords would relate to “gutter installation” and a number of other variables, such as “gutters installation companies,” “gutter installation contractors,” or “gutter cleaning companies.”

Off-Page SEO

This is an approach that strengthens the relationship your website has with other websites. There are a number of strategies that you can use to improve your website’s authority. The algorithm on Google will give a higher ranking to a website that is, in essence, “vouched” for by other websites. Most off-site search engine optimization relates to having high-quality backlinks. Having high numbers of links pointing to your website from other relevant sites with authority will show Google that your website is valuable. You can utilize a number of techniques to improve your off-page SEO, including:

  • Guest blogging on other websites.
  • Creating backlinks to other websites and reaching out to those websites to return the favor.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Posting on forums such as Quora.
  • Utilizing local searches and listings.

Technical SEO

This third component relates to non-content aspects of your website. This can incorporate strategies to improve a website, such as its readability, which makes it easy for search engines to crawl and understand the websites. The types of SEO techniques included in technical SEO include some of the following:

  • Security.
  • Page load speed.
  • Indexing.
  • Crawlability.
  • Structured Data.
  • Mobile optimized.

How To Harness an Effective SEO Strategy

If you come to work with Dominant Digital, we can give you a comprehensive approach to ensure that your gutter installation company benefits from an effective SEO strategy. Our SEO process involves a variety of strategies and techniques that can help you to increase your business ranking, including the following:

Content Optimization

One of the most important aspects of SEO, this involves publishing regular content and targeting your keywords by getting links to the pages. Increasing organic traffic is so vital for results, and one of the best ways to do this is through content optimization. The process of content optimization would include some of the following:

  • Ensuring the content is readable.
  • Having the optimal meta descriptions.
  • Including primary and secondary keywords in the right amounts.
  • Ensuring content has the right word amount.

Improving the Website Experience

Search engine optimization rules change regularly because the goal is to improve the experience for the user. Numerous SEO trends show that Google aims to humanize the search engine by gearing its ranking algorithm towards specific metrics that can benefit the user, including:

  • Core web vitals.
  • Mobile friendliness.
  • Using HTTPS as opposed to HTTP.

Increasing the “Dwell Time”

The longer the “dwell time,” i.e. the longer someone stays on your website, the better your rankings will be. One of the key practices in web development is to reduce the bounce rate, which is the amount of time an individual spends on your website before they click away. Experience is vital to the dwell time, and some of the best ways to do this is to include the following:

  • Make your posts easy to read.
  • Being newsworthy with your content.
  • Using bullet points.
  • Using white space.
  • Have images and screenshots.

Create a Site Map

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is ensuring that you have got to grips with what your site and content are good at, and what they are not good at. We create a sitemap for your website which will feature all of the website pages and we break them down into categories based on relevance according to the search engines. Sitemaps are a very important way for a website to communicate with a search engine, which is invaluable to the entire SEO process. It doesn’t just give you a breakdown as to what will help you make sense of each category, but site maps tell the search engine which part of a website that they should include for indexing.

Use Analytics

One of the most important aspects of ensuring that you know what parts of your content and website you need to optimize is through analytics. With an established Google Ads account, we can help to analyze historical data to find out what parts of your website do and do not need changing. It’s a delicate balance to get right, therefore, using Google Ads can give us insight into some of the following:

  • The right keywords.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • How the website could be better maintained.
  • The ads are being used effectively.

Having insight into your content allows you to truly capitalize on many aspects of your website and content that drives more leads and sales to your gutter website. Google Ads is an invaluable tool to help you use the right type of marketing tactics and help with some of the following:

  • Target your ads so you can show your products to the right people. For example, those that are interested in gutter installation services are going to be homeowners rather than students.
  • Measure your success. This is going to help you understand where you can focus your efforts.
  • Manage your SEO campaign effectively. Ensuring that you keep your campaigns focused and under budget is essential.

Refreshing Old Content

There’s a lot to consider when we are trying to incorporate a solid SEO strategy. But one of the simplest ways for you to maintain a certain level of success is by refreshing and repurposing old content. It can be a lot of work to make sure your website is constantly new and exciting, which is why one of the best tricks to navigating SEO is to make the most of existing content that already has authority. For example, if a piece of website content on the “best gutters of 2021” had a good ranking, upgrading this page to the “best gutters of 2022” is a very simple way to boost an existing post’s performance in the search engine results. Refreshing it with updated information and some custom content that your customers find interesting will drive more business so you can keep delivering results.

Use SEO To Generate Gutter Leads

As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, it can be difficult for gutter businesses to keep up. That’s where Dominant Digital Agency comes in. We stay ahead of the curve and utilize the latest gutter SEO strategies to help our gutter installation clients dominate the industry. Whether it’s gutter cleaning leads or gutter guard leads, we know how to generate high-quality gutter leads that convert. And when it comes to gutter leads, we have a proven track record of success. So if you’re looking for a reliable and effective digital agency to help generate gutter leads, look no further than Dominant Digital. We’ll help you take your business to the next level.

Ready To Improve Your Gutter Installation SEO?

Understanding how to improve your SEO methods doesn’t just make you increase your lead generation, but having a number of SEO tactics up your sleeve means that you will be able to find new customers and make sure that you are delivering stellar service. As SEO is an invaluable component for any business owner in charge of a gutter installation business, ensuring you know how to work with the right people that give your SEO campaign a thorough foundation will give you a foundation to boost your marketing for years to come. If you are looking to improve your SEO for gutter repair services, an SEO company such as Dominant Digital can give your website an upgrade.

If you are looking to improve your SEO and get your business more qualified leads, we are SEO experts who pride ourselves on our service. As such, we offer a free marketing consultation so we can establish how to help you. A quick 15-minute consultation helps us discuss your goals. If you are ready to improve your search engine results and transform potential customers and clients, our SEO services could be just what you need, so email us through the contact form and let’s work together.



General Contractor SEO

As a proud small business owner, the chances are that your local community is both your audience and your lifeline. But today, over 97% of consumers use online media to look for local home services, and 90% of these heavily rely on search engines during their buying decision-making process.

So, no matter whether you are looking to establish a small, local General Contractor business, or your goal is to expand your current organization, building a robust online presence and reputation is essential. But how can you do all this while operating on a limited marketing budget?

A custom General Contractor SEO strategy crafted by the online marketing experts at Dominant Digital Agency can help you lay the foundations of long-term success, reach your goal, and stick to your budget. Learn how Contractor SEO strategies can help below or book a free 15-minute consultation.


What Is SEO for General Contractors?

SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – is the process of optimizing your general contractor website to make it appear at the top of the search engines’ result page (SERP). So, when your prospective customers search for contractor services or home services related to your business on Google or Bing, your website will be immediately visible and discoverable.

In turn, the right SEO strategy can help you build brand awareness and visibility – among your current audience and new leads! There are multiple facets of a winning general contractor SEO strategy the SEO specialists at Dominant Digital Agency will focus on.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the part of a general contractor SEO strategy that focuses on optimizing each of your web pages and your website content. On-Page SEO makes sure that the structure and content of each of your contractor service pages are created according to several ranking factors, such as readability, title tags, URL, keywords, and image alt text.

Off-Page SEO

Search engine algorithms look at several factors to decide which web page should appear at the top of the result page for a certain query. One of these is the Domain Authority – or how endorsed, reliable, trustworthy, and authoritative your website is. To establish your domain authority, Google uses search engine crawlers, which are programs designed to track the links pointing toward your website.

That’s where off-page SEO comes in. This area of SEO looks beyond your own site, focusing on building and strengthening the relationship between your website and other online entities through high-quality backlinks.



Local SEO

Local SEO is a vital aspect of all SEO campaigns. Unlike general search engine optimization, local SEO focuses on building visibility and awareness for your business within your local area.

A locally optimized website will make sure that your business will appear in front of users actively looking for services related to your general contractor business within your geographical area.

Content Creation

If you have heard the phrase “content is king” before, you know how important it is to craft content that resonates with your audience and engages leads. But a tailored content strategy is much more than this!

Through content, you can boost your search engine ranking, offer added value to your users, tell your business’s story, and even become a thought leader in the field of renovations or home services. SEO-friendly content creation spaces across multiple online entities, including your general contractor website, social media pages, and other websites.

Link Building

Nothing boosts your Domain Authority and search rankings as a well-planned link-building strategy! As more links begin to point to your pages, Google and other search engines will believe that your general contractor website is relevant and authoritative, thus boosting it to the top of the first page of results. After all, the goal is always to offer the best experience to users.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO looks beyond the front-end of your website and aims to optimize the site’s structure and build to provide a great user experience. Some of the indicators that your marketing manager at Dominant Digital Agency will optimize include:

  • Page load speed
  • Security
  • Usability on mobile devices
  • Indexing and crawlability

The impact of technical SEO might not be immediately visible to the naked eye, but it’s an essential aspect of your custom contractor SEO strategy.

Online Reputation Management

While you might be aware of how using the right keywords can benefit your website, some elements of a contractor SEO strategy are not so obvious. A digital marketing specialist will also look to optimize your online reputation by boosting your customers’ reviews, testimonials, the social media community, and social proof.

SEO: A Vital Aspect of Your Contractor Marketing Campaign

Over 70% of small businesses don’t have a search engine optimization strategy in place. For General Contractors, this factor is important for two main reasons:

  • SEO can boost your conversion rate, which is crucial to growing your business and customer base
  • In your local market, having an SEO strategy can help you outrank your competitors

Who Is General Contractor SEO for?

If you are looking to promote your plumbing, electrical, remodeling, or roofing services, the chances are that a portion of your budget is allocated to marketing and advertising. But optimizing your business site according to SEO best practices is the single best way to connect with your audience, provide solutions to your users’ needs, and reduce your advertising costs.

After all, with an average return of 220%, SEO is only second to email marketing when it comes to calculating your ROI!

General Contractors: The Industry at a Glance

If you have decided to grow your general contractor business in 2022, you have certainly made a smart choice. The economy is bouncing back from the most recent recession, and households now have the necessary disposable income needed to carry out their dream renovation projects.

According to statistics, nearly 40% of today’s kitchen remodeling projects and 50% of bathroom renovations are due to families finally having the means to invest in their properties. But there are more impactful trends general contractors should keep an eye on.

The Perks of Today’s Seller’s Market

The real estate environment has never been so much of a seller’s market. As the house prices continue to rise across the country and the investor reaches an all-time low, many homeowners are considering selling.

And, what better way is there to boost a property’s market value and curb appeal than a renovation project!? Whether it’s a major upgrade such as a roof replacement or a cosmetic improvement, general contractors have never been in higher demand.

The Need for Layout Reconfigurations

The pandemic has had a deep impact on many aspects of everyone’s lives, and many homeowners had to reconfigure their lifestyles – and floor plans! Today’s households are looking to increase their property’s square footage and add species like home offices and private gyms – no wonder nearly 70,000 Americans are looking to carry out one or more home improvement projects!

The Competition Has Never Been Fiercer

The home services industry is booming – but the competition is also fiercer than ever. And, how are you going to reach out to new customers and outrank your competitors? A custom general contractor SEO strategy can help you pinpoint the right keywords, create enticing content, and lock in interested prospective customers even before they have the chance to check out the competition!

Why SEO Is Important for Contractors?

SEO is essential for all businesses, from local organizations to multinational enterprises. But why is it so important for general contractors? Investing in general contractor SEO might be the only way to move your business through the search engine rankings and bring it to the top of Google’s search result page. In turn, this can make a difference in how many customers you are likely to attract and how much revenue you will perceive.

When partnering with the general contractor SEO experts at Dominant Digital Agency, you can grow your business, achieve your goals, and keep your marketing budget low. Here’s why investing in SEO might be the best choice you’ll make for your business.

Boost Your Search Engine Ranking and Industry Authority

Search engines compete to provide each user with the most relevant and authoritative results. In turn, websites compete to be deemed relevant and authoritative enough to win the top spots on the Google search result page.

Dominant Digital Agency’s specialized SEO services are the tool you need to create a business site that is user-friendly, clear, and trustworthy – and, most importantly, will show up among the top Google search results.

Increase Brand Awareness and Drives Organic Traffic

No matter at what stage of the marketing funnel a user is in, the right general contractor SEO strategy will help you generate new leads, make your business more discoverable, increase website visitors, and hook in prospective customers.

Provides a Unique Competitive Edge

It’s true: bigger construction companies might have a larger budget to invest in marketing. But the beauty of SEO is that your strategy matters more than your budget! With the right contractor SEO strategy, you can get your business to show up at the top of the list for every relevant Google search conducted in your geographical area.

Reduces Marketing Costs

Undoubtedly, an SEO strategy represents a significant investment for all general contractors. However, compared to other, traditional marketing strategies, SEO offers some unique benefits, which include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Customizable to your budget
  • Results continue to build up over time
  • It boats the growth of your business in the long term
  • It can reach far more users than other marketing strategies

And, don’t forget that a local SEO strategy will help your business show up in front of the eyes of users already actively looking to find local services in your area, thus boosting your chances of closing a sale!

How Long Does It Take To See Results From an SEO Marketing Campaign?

When working with Dominant Digital Agency, your dedicated account manager will craft an SEO campaign that is tailored to your general contractor’s business goals. While timelines vary, SEO results will start to show within 6-12 months. But remember that SEO strategies are not a one-time effort, but rather an ongoing project that can help you lay the foundations of a successful business.

What Does SEO Success Look Like? Dominant Digital & SEO Performance

So, what does success look like in SEO? Dominant Digital’s SEO Specialist will develop a SEO strategy for your general contractor business and look at a range of key indicators to determine the success of your campaign. We will be able to tell you exactly which aspect of the strategy led to increased conversions, signed contracts, sales, and revenue.

General Contractor SEO Keyword Research: What You Need To Know

While there are many elements contributing to the success of a general contractor SEO campaign, it all starts with the search for relevant keywords. Depending on the nature and goal of your general contractor company, the SEO specialists working with you will generate a collection of keywords to target. These will be a mix of:

  • Short head terms (i.e.: “builder”, “contractor”, or “roofer”)
  • Longer phrases or long-tail keywords (i.e.: “install a new roof”, “contractor for home exterior”)
  • Local search keywords (i.e.: “builder in Nashville, Tennessee)

Your Keyword Strategy

Once we have decided on the relevant keywords and conducted extensive keyword research, it is time to start using these keywords to enhance your content. From using them on your service pages to inserting them in your social media content and blog posts, there are many ways to make it easier for your prospective customer to find you. It is all about user intent – and not at all about keyword stuffing!

Local SEO for General Contractors: Why Optimizing Local Search Matters

Today, over half of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile – and over 78% of local mobile searches lead to an offline sale! That is because local mobile searches usually have a high purchasing intent – or, users looking for specific general contractor services are doing so because they are in need of those services.

That is why it is vital to optimize your mobile website and invest in a local SEO strategy. Aside from getting verified by Google, some of the most important elements of a smart local SEO campaign include the following ones.

Google Business Profile

Optimize and update your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), which provides your users with the NAP – or your Business Name, Address, and Phone number. Basically, all that’s needed is to contact you! It is important to keep your NAP updated at all times and add other important information such as opening hours, website links, and an overview of the home services you provide.

Leverage Online Directories

Developing citations in a major online directory can help you boost your credibility in front of new and returning customers.

Interact With Reviewers

Responding to Google reviews, interacting on a Google chat, or answering prospective users’ questions might be simple strategies, but they can work wonders for your general contractor business.

Responding to reviews can help your new customers see the person behind the brand and establish a relationship of trust even before getting in touch.

What To Expect When Partnering With Dominant Digital Agency

Our SEO specialists have helped many general contractors enhance their businesses and leverage the latest digital marketing strategies to achieve their goals.

When partnering with us for your general contractor SEO project, you can be sure to have a team of experienced marketing managers by your side throughout the project – and trust an SEO strategy that is built around your unique needs.

Our General Contractor SEO Services

At Dominant Digital Agency, we believe that every part of a marketing strategy is connected to another. That is why we strive to offer a comprehensive marketing plan that starts with an SEO audit and ends with you reaching your business goals. Here’s what to expect.

A Custom Contractor SEO Strategy

Each business is unique, and so should your SEO strategy. That is why, before working on a project, we strive to understand the values, operations, goals, and identity of each general contractor business. Here’s how we do it:

  • We carry out thorough competitor analysis and continue to monitor your competitors
  • We start each project with a contractor website SEO audit and understand strengths and weaknesses
  • We focus on your unique target audience and understand what content resonates with them

Creating a More User-Friendly Experience

Unlike other SEO companies, Dominant Digital Agency focuses on every aspect of a successful SEO campaign. That is why we assess your website’s quality, speed, and user-friendliness.

From adding relevant content to improving media loading times, and creating a streamlined mobile experience, we make sure that your general contractor business will leave a stellar first impression on each customer.

A 360° Contractor SEO Approach

The team at Dominant Digital provides a complete SEO solution for general contractors. When partnering with us, you’ll:

  • Have your entire general contractor website audited
  • Work with a dedicated account manager who will be your first point of contact throughout the project
  • Enhance your website and social media communities with content that truly resonates with your audience
  • Benefit from a custom contractor SEO strategy designed around your business’s unique needs and goals
  • Follow the latest SEO best practices – Google algorithm changes often!
  • Track your results and assess your strategy’s efficiency

Easy-to-Read Analytics Reports

Tracking and measuring your results is a vital aspect of your general contractor SEO strategy. At Dominant Digital Agency, we generate regular, easy-to-read reports that are accurate and data-driven. So, you can visualize the benefits of an SEO strategy on your business and address concerns.

We Are a Google Certified Partner

With so many SEO companies out there, it can be hard to find a partner you can trust. That is why at Dominant Digital Agency, we have worked hard to become a Google Certified Partner and drive success with Google Ads for general contractors around the US.

Looking to learn more about our work? Check out our results so far here.

Ready To Boost Your General Contractor Business Ranking?

Contact Dominant Digital About Contractor SEO Services

At Dominant Digital Agency, we understand that the secret of a successful general contractor SEO strategy is in the relationship that we are able to build with our clients. That is why we offer a 15-minute free consultation session that allows you to share your goals, budget, and needs – and make sure we are the right partners for your business’s goals!


Fence and Gate SEO For Contractors

What is SEO for fence and gate companies?

SEO or search engine optimization is all about maximizing the amount of traffic your fence and gate business’s website gets.

It’s mainly concerned with getting your fence and gate company to the top of the organic and natural search engine results, which means it will be more easily seen and clicked through by interested customers, creating quality leads. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services.

Why hire an SEO specialist as a fence contractor?

On-Page SEO

SEO is a field that is constantly changing and has to follow the latest search engine updates and trends. This means that handling your own SEO can be a complicated and time-consuming task that takes you away from the other crucial jobs that you need to complete to successfully run your small business.

Happily, an SEO expert can help here as they will be able to use the experience, and the latest tactics and access the optimum tools to boost your fence and gate company’s SEO.

Additionally, by partnering with an SEO provider that specializes in working with fence contractors you can be sure they understand the needs and pain points of your industry and therefore will create the very best SEO strategy to ensure your company has a high rank in the search results and is in the best position to collect quality leads.

What is included with DDA’s SEO services?

Here at Dominant Digital Agency, we offer specialist SEO services which include three specific factors that will ensure your company gets the fence leads they need.

Onsite Optimization

The first step is an audit of your site to check for things that may be holding back your search engine result. After all, there are hundreds of factors that can play into your ranking on Google, and we can identify the ones that will make the biggest difference to the visibility of your business. These can include title tag and meta description keyword optimization, H1 optimizations, and image optimizations.

The Right Content

The second of these factors is making sure that your website has copy that is optimized for Google. We do this by analyzing and optimizing your current content, and by providing additional keyword optimized content from our team of dedicated writers that are experienced in writing about home service businesses.

Link Building

Lastly, our SEO service also includes work on raising the authority of your small business website. We do this by building backlinks from other high authority sites, which Google reads like references that show your site is genuine and high quality.

We’ll even check your competitors’ backlinks so we can make sure you surpass them and have the best chance of hitting that top spot.

How long does SEO take to work?

Achieving SEO success for your business is not something that will happen immediately. Instead, you can think of SEO as an ongoing process that continually refines the aspects of your business’s site that are assessed by Google.

The good news is that over time, the results SEO will provide will help your company’s site to achieve Page 1 positions, for a range of keywords. All without having to resort to using Pay Per Click advertising or additional paid marketing efforts.

Local SEO for Fence and Gate Companies

Local SEO is all about making sure your local business is as visible as possible in local searches on Google. The benefits of local SEO are that it can help you to get lots of leads from local customers, which will be much more cost and time-efficient as you won’t need to travel outside of the local area to complete the job.

Detailed SEO process

The SEO process is an in-depth one, and it can be split into six distinct phases.

Phase 1) Research

The first stage is all about gathering useful information that will help inform the rest of the process. This often includes research in the business requesting the SEO help including their needs and goals, as well as what their competition is doing in terms of SEO.

Research is also a very important part of the process as the relevant keywords identified at this stage will become central to the developing strategy.

Phase 2) Strategy

This stage involves planning content, link building, as well as how these strategies will be put into practice.

Phase 3) Implementation

Now comes time to put things into practice. This means doing the optimization work and making sure that strategy is put in place across your website and web pages.

Phase 4) Monitoring

This phase is all about checking on how the strategies are doing after they are implemented. It means gathering data on a range of metrics to see which keywords start ranking.

Phase 5) Evaluation

Stage five is where we take the metric data we have gathered and assess it against the initial targets of the strategy to see how well it has performed.

Phase 6) Maintenance

The final stage is where issues are dealt with and improvements are made to your website as the need arises.

Contact Dominant Digital for all your fence and gate SEO needs!

Now you know just how important SEO is for your fence and gate business, you will also understand the value of partnering with the experts. That is where our dedicated team here at Dominant Digital Agency can help. Contact us today to see how we can help your fence and gate business rank higher online and get more leads.


Finding SEO Services in The Woodlands TX

If you’re looking for SEO services in The Woodlands, I’m glad we could connect! 

As an SEO consultant for The Woodlands TX, I’ve worked with many local businesses, and know the area well.

When I worked at the Houston Chronicle Media Group, I ran a digital marketing team. During this time, I consulted with countless local businesses in The Woodlands. We worked on improving their ability to connect with customers online. 

Here are the top 7 things you should know about hiring an SEO Company In The Woodlands:

1) Work With An SEO Consultant Who Understands The Woodlands TX. 

The Woodlands TX is a very unique and special market. Big national companies don’t get it. 

The block I lived on in Cochran’s Crossing had recent transplants from all over the country. 

There were as many non-native Texans as there were folks who grew up there. 

When people aren’t from an area, they don’t have existing networks of trusted companies to call. 

As a result, they turn to Google to find the “best SEO companies the woodlands tx” as an example. Or a “kitchen contractor near me.”

I have a proven history of getting my clients websites in the top 3 positions on page 1 of Google. This is where local customers are looking for their next service provider.

2) Not All Woodlands SEO Companies Are The Same

Much as you may have in your industry, there’s a wide range of services you’ll find between search engine optimization companies. 

Small business owners don’t have it easy in selecting the best SEO company for their business. 

Individual contractors can be unreliable and lack systems. Large marketing companies treat you like a number and provide very little value. 

It’s hard to find the best Woodlands SEO agency for your business.

I’ve built my SEO agency to be big enough to have the people, and systems we need to manage client SEO campaigns. Yet, we’re still small enough to take time with each client and give them the attention they deserve. 

I’ve seen the actual work that goes into digital marketing for small businesses. It’s pretty underwhelming. 

This is why I started Dominant Digital, to bring high-end search engine optimization to small business clients. We see this as an under-served market and believe they deserve so much more than what they’ve been getting.

We provide effective keyword research, technical SEO, link building, and Google maps optimization to power your website’s online presence. Contact us today to learn more.

3) Work with an SEO that can prove prior results

We have over 4 years of client results and case stories that we’re happy to share. We realize it’s on us to prove that we’re the right search engine optimization company to manage your Woodlands SEO campaign. 

Don’t take our word for it that we do great work. Listen to our clients who were kind enough to be interviewed by a third party. 

You can also check out our reviews and campaign results on our website.

Any SEO company that doesn’t offer proof of prior results is one you should be wary about.

The fact is that good SEO services take a little time to get rolling. So you don’t want to take a chance on someone, spend 6+ months waiting for results, and realize you made a bad decision. 

Time is money, and we’re not in the business of wasting either one.

4) Avoid long term contracts

There’s no reason to sign a long-term contract with any Woodlands SEO agency. 

If a company needs a long-term contract, they’re not in a rush to deliver you results. That is until your contract is up for renewal.

We offer month-to-month terms because we work to keep your business EVERY month. Not just at contract renewal time.

Enough said.

5) Don’t wait for the results

Achieving stable rankings at the top of Page 1 on the search engines doesn’t happen overnight. Yet, it doesn’t always take months to happen either.

What we recommend for clients who need leads now is to combine search engine optimization services with Google Ads. 

This will help deliver immediate leads while the search engine optimization program builds up steam over time.

We are an official Google Partner company. This means we follow Google best practices, have passed exams, and manage over $20K per quarter. based on our success in managing client programs over the years. 

Many of our clients choose to combine Google Ads with search engine optimization. They enjoy short-term results from Ads, while we build their long-term organic presence. 

When we manage Google Ads for clients, we can get 3 or more placements on the search engine results page. The three primary places we rank clients are Ads, Maps, and Organic/SEO.

We partner with CallRail, the leader in call tracking technology. This allows us to provide real-time lead notifications so you can see the program working for you.

One question we get often is if Google Ads helps with search engine optimization. The short answer is no, Google doesn’t give out better organic rankings for Ads customers. 

Yet, paid advertising campaign will increase your brand recognition in the market. 

As a result, your organic, maps and paid listings will get clicked on more often. because people recognize your company.

The increase in click-through rate can positively impact your organic ranking on the search engine results page. Contact us today to learn more about Google Ads.

6) Keyword selection matters

Ever wonder why your Woodlands SEO company is going after certain keywords? Or perhaps you see your organic traffic increasing, but not your business revenue? 

This is one of the secrets in the SEO industry that is all too common. The marketing company recommends blogging. This isn’t a bad idea itself, but it often serves the SEO agency more than it benefits the client.

Blog articles, if not targeted to your service area, can be a giant waste of time and money.

What happens is the marketing company will write blogs targeting national keywords. 

The keywords will look like: “best kitchen cabinetry brands 2022.” 

The marketing company will show you how they’ve boosted your site traffic as an indicator of them doing their job. But if you look at your Google Analytics account, you’ll notice it’s all out-of-state traffic. This is not traffic that will ever convert into customers.

National keywords for local businesses are usually pretty pointless.

These types of blogs give your SEO company something to hang their hat on, but now you know better.

We focus on keywords with business intent in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to help increase your business revenue through the search engines. Not send you traffic that never converts.

For example, “deck builder Spring, TX.” Not, “what are the best deck materials.” 

Make sense?

I would rather show modest organic growth as long as the website traffic is well-targeted. The search traffic we send you should have a shot at converting into new business for you. 

7) Work with a company that takes the time to educate you

We understand you may not have the time to put in place an effective SEO strategy. But, we make sure our clients know what our plan is and how we’re executing it.

Before you become a client, we make sure that you understand enough of what SEO is and is not. This is one of the reasons our clients stay with us for years. 

As Woodlands SEO experts, we take the time to educate. We set proper expectations. As a result, our clients understand what they’re signing up for!

Our clients receive a monthly report on your website’s organic presence. We also provide the specific tasks we completed and our plan for the following month. 

We want you to have the most relevant information you need to evaluate the program.

If your current Woodlands SEO company lacks this type of transparency, don’t settle, call us today for a free consultation.



What About Facebook For My Home Service Business?

As a marketing agency for home service businesses, we specialize in connecting our clients with their ideal customers on Google and its network of sites. However, we still get asked about Facebook all the time, so here’s our position.

Google & Facebook can be great ways to promote your business, but they work in very different ways. 

Facebook Ads work off a cost per click model, similar to Google Ads. You set a daily budget and the audience you want to reach, and Facebook will do its best to spend your daily budget within those parameters.

Agencies that sell Facebook advertising will tell you that the cost per click is much less expensive than Google. This is true. The cost per click on both Facebook and Google has been rising steadily, but the cost per click on Facebook is a fraction of what one would pay on Google. 

However, as you may have experienced trying out different types of online advertising, not all clicks have the same value.

Those who click on Facebook Ads are in an entirely different stage of their buying process. If you’re on Facebook yourself for personal use, you know what I’m talking about. Your customers aren’t going to Facebook to find a flooring contractor to install new hardwoods. They’re messaging friends, watching videos in their newsfeed, participating in Groups, and God knows what else!

When you advertise on Facebook, you’re hoping to interrupt or draw somebody’s attention away from what brought them to Facebook to begin with. It’s clickbait like “win a free furnace,” extreme discounts, and bait & switch offers that get people to stop what they’re doing and click on your ad. You need to ask yourself if these are the types of customers you want to grow your business with.

Let’s compare that to Google, where your ad is only showing up for people actively searching for exactly what you do because why else would somebody search for a “kitchen remodeler in Denver”. It’s not to watch a crazy cat video, that’s for sure!

Google provides an entirely different type of buyer, who is motivated to do business with you. I would gladly pay more per click for that type of person, wouldn’t you?

Besides, focusing on cost per click is the wrong way to look at your advertising. It’s all about cost per acquisition. For example, if it takes 10 clicks at $10/click to get a new customer that spends $5,000 on new hardwoods with you, your CPA is $100. Would you pay $100 for a $5,000 job? I’ll make that deal all day long.

If you’re selling a low-ticket item, or have a product customers can order directly on your website, Facebook Ads may be a great addition to your marketing & advertising strategy.

Our general advice to our home service clients is to build out your Facebook Page so it looks professional with a nice cover image and complete all your important information (hours of operation, contact information, etc.). Invite your employees, friends, family to Like your page. When you have a spare moment, post photos of recent projects, showcase some great customer reviews, post a video at a job site showing people your crew in action.

Facebook doesn’t directly help your website’s Google rankings, however you’ll find your Facebook Page appear in the rankings when people are searching your business by name, so it’s important to have an updated professional appearance for anybody researching you.

Consider Facebook Ads if you’re selling an inexpensive service, or a low-ticket product someone can buy directly off your website.

If you’re a home service business selling high ticket items like deck construction, furnaces, kitchen remodels, basement finishing, hardwood floor installation, etc., Google is still the king of local search and the most reliable source of new customer leads. 


The Difference Between SEO and SEM

There are a ton of acronyms in digital marketing that can get downright confusing for those without a background in this stuff. One that I hear get mixed up constantly is SEO and SEM. They get confused because they both pertain to appearing on the search engine results page (Google, Yahoo, Bing) when a user is searching for a product or service that you sell. Each one is an important piece to your overall strategy, however both are very different.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an initiative that makes your website more attractive to the search engines and users who visit your site.

Google rewards only the best sites with the highest page ranks when a user enters a search. So what makes a good site?

Think about your own experience online. Do you like sites that load fast or slow? Do you like it when a site is easy to navigate on your mobile device, or when you have to pinch or “un-pinch” so you can actually see the thing? When it comes to content, do you like to find rich content that keeps you engaged, or do you like to be disappointed by high level boilerplate content that requires you to pick up the phone and talk to somebody knowledgeable?

I think you get the picture. And Google gets it too. That’s why they reward great sites and banish the others to pages 2, 3, and beyond. You may even be doing a decent job with your SEO, but it’s all relative to the other sites you’re competing with. There are always ways to make your site load faster and there’s always more frequent and better quality content you can publish. That’s just a few of the “on-site” components of SEO.

What’s also important are the “off-site” tactics that help your ranking, such as citation building. Google doesn’t just trust you because you say you’re a great business on your website – it wants to validate you are who you say you are by looking at other sites where you’re mentioned. Whether you received a write up from your local newspaper, or you have a business listing on highly regarded sites like YP.com or Angie’s List, Google looks at all this before establishing your page rank.

Good SEO is a consistent set of practices designed to boost your listing on the search engine results page. I say consistent because if you ever stop doing SEO when you land on Page 1, you’re always one algorithm change away from getting all the leads you can handle to wondering why your phone stopped ringing. Reports say that Google changes its algorithm between 500-600 times each year!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), and Google Adwords. This is paid placement on Google. You can see which listings on Google are paid ads because the site will show a small “Ad” icon next to the URL. Every time one of these ads are clicked, the advertiser is charged anywhere from less than a dollar, to over $100 for that click. The best part about SEM is that there is no waiting for your site to rank. Once you set up your campaign and hand over your credit card to Google, your ad will start showing.

Sounds great, and it certainly can be, however I’ve seen a ton of wasted money on SEM programs.

First, if you plan to go at this alone directly through Google, you should take the time to study their training modules. This will help you avoid some big mistakes like using Broad search types on all your keywords that may bring you lots of traffic, but folks who have no need for your products or services.

You’ll burn through your daily budget before a good lead even sees your ad.

Next, consider if you really have the time to optimize the campaign after its launched? You’ll still need to dedicate time and energy into testing different targeting options, keyword selection, landing page selection, ad copy, bidding strategy, campaign structure, etc.

So then you decide to outsource it. Great decision, but then there are even more landmines! What does that firm charge you to manage it? You have to ask, because many will just quote you the total that you pay them. For example, if you’re quoted $1,000/mo for Google Adwords, the firm selling you that program isn’t going to send all $1,000/mo to Google, unless they’re managing your budget for free.

Behind the scenes, they may be taking over 50% of that $1,000/mo to manage the program for you, leaving only $500/mo in actual ad spend. Spread that out over 30 days, and you only have $16/day working for you on Google. Depending on your business, that may only be a few clicks per day, and we know most clicks don’t turn into customers.

So regardless of your budget, you HAVE to ask “If I pay you $1,000/mo, how much will actually be spent on Google?” If your salesperson doesn’t know or can’t give you a solid answer, find another firm that can.

There are many large internet marketing firms that do a decent job managing SEM for local businesses, but many are in that 50% management fee range, which is just too high.

As a smaller agency and certified Google Partner, we’re able to keep our fees low and provide outstanding personalized service that drives meaningful results to you. Contact us today to learn more about our Google Ads Management service.