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Take Charge of Your Marketing

Restaurant Advertising in a Mobile World

Restaurant advertisers have known for years that location targeting matters. Today, restaurant advertising is undergoing a renaissance thanks to the GPS devices we keep within an arm’s reach.

Event Marketing in the Digital Age

If you’re still using the same old business card fishbowl, you’re missing opportunity that targeted advertising can capture. Leave your next event confident you made an impact on both your customers and competitors.

You’re Missing Your Customers Online

We spend less than 13 percent of our time online between Google and Facebook. Does your digital marketing strategy reflect this? If not, you’re likely missing thousands of opportunities every day to connect with new customers in your area.

Still Buying Digital Like It’s 2009?

Big brands like Amazon and other early adopters have been raking it in with the latest targeting technology for years. But local businesses still have a window to take market share from their competitors.

The Difference Between SEO and SEM

I’ll break down the differences between SEO and SEM and offer the most important question to ask before letting anybody manage SEM for you. This one question could save you thousands OR explain why your budget never seems big enough.

5 Ways to Get Customers Without a Top Google Rank

With limited spots on its page, not everybody can be #1 on Google. However, with targeted display, you can get more customers to search for you by name where you do rank #1! We’ll talk targeting tactics with some real life examples to get your wheels turning.