Fence and Gate SEO For Contractors

What is SEO for fence and gate companies?

SEO or search engine optimization is all about maximizing the amount of traffic your fence and gate business’s website gets.

It’s mainly concerned with getting your fence and gate company to the top of the organic and natural search engine results, which means it will be more easily seen and clicked through by interested customers, creating quality leads. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services.

Why hire an SEO specialist as a fence contractor?

On-Page SEO

SEO is a field that is constantly changing and has to follow the latest search engine updates and trends. This means that handling your own SEO can be a complicated and time-consuming task that takes you away from the other crucial jobs that you need to complete to successfully run your small business.

Happily, an SEO expert can help here as they will be able to use the experience, and the latest tactics and access the optimum tools to boost your fence and gate company’s SEO.

Additionally, by partnering with an SEO provider that specializes in working with fence contractors you can be sure they understand the needs and pain points of your industry and therefore will create the very best SEO strategy to ensure your company has a high rank in the search results and is in the best position to collect quality leads.

What is included with DDA’s SEO services?

Here at Dominant Digital Agency, we offer specialist SEO services which include three specific factors that will ensure your company gets the fence leads they need.

Onsite Optimization

The first step is an audit of your site to check for things that may be holding back your search engine result. After all, there are hundreds of factors that can play into your ranking on Google, and we can identify the ones that will make the biggest difference to the visibility of your business. These can include title tag and meta description keyword optimization, H1 optimizations, and image optimizations.

The Right Content

The second of these factors is making sure that your website has copy that is optimized for Google. We do this by analyzing and optimizing your current content, and by providing additional keyword optimized content from our team of dedicated writers that are experienced in writing about home service businesses.

Link Building

Lastly, our SEO service also includes work on raising the authority of your small business website. We do this by building backlinks from other high authority sites, which Google reads like references that show your site is genuine and high quality.

We’ll even check your competitors’ backlinks so we can make sure you surpass them and have the best chance of hitting that top spot.

How long does SEO take to work?

Achieving SEO success for your business is not something that will happen immediately. Instead, you can think of SEO as an ongoing process that continually refines the aspects of your business’s site that are assessed by Google.

The good news is that over time, the results SEO will provide will help your company’s site to achieve Page 1 positions, for a range of keywords. All without having to resort to using Pay Per Click advertising or additional paid marketing efforts.

Local SEO for Fence and Gate Companies

Local SEO is all about making sure your local business is as visible as possible in local searches on Google. The benefits of local SEO are that it can help you to get lots of leads from local customers, which will be much more cost and time-efficient as you won’t need to travel outside of the local area to complete the job.

Detailed SEO process

The SEO process is an in-depth one, and it can be split into six distinct phases.

Phase 1) Research

The first stage is all about gathering useful information that will help inform the rest of the process. This often includes research in the business requesting the SEO help including their needs and goals, as well as what their competition is doing in terms of SEO.

Research is also a very important part of the process as the relevant keywords identified at this stage will become central to the developing strategy.

Phase 2) Strategy

This stage involves planning content, link building, as well as how these strategies will be put into practice.

Phase 3) Implementation

Now comes time to put things into practice. This means doing the optimization work and making sure that strategy is put in place across your website and web pages.

Phase 4) Monitoring

This phase is all about checking on how the strategies are doing after they are implemented. It means gathering data on a range of metrics to see which keywords start ranking.

Phase 5) Evaluation

Stage five is where we take the metric data we have gathered and assess it against the initial targets of the strategy to see how well it has performed.

Phase 6) Maintenance

The final stage is where issues are dealt with and improvements are made to your website as the need arises.

Contact Dominant Digital for all your fence and gate SEO needs!

Now you know just how important SEO is for your fence and gate business, you will also understand the value of partnering with the experts. That is where our dedicated team here at Dominant Digital Agency can help. Contact us today to see how we can help your fence and gate business rank higher online and get more leads.

Chris Licause has consulted with hundreds of local businesses on their digital marketing over the past 17+ years. He currently leads Dominant Digital, an agency specializing in helping home service companies reach more profitable customers online, through search engine optimization and website development.

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