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General Contractor SEO

Grow your customer base and get a steady stream of new construction projects. Start by getting your free SEO Launchpad Checklist and learn the tactics you can use to rise to the top of the search results and achieve SEO success.

As a proud small business owner, the chances are that your local community is both your audience and your lifeline. But today, over 97% of consumers use online media to look for local home services, and 90% of these heavily rely on search engines during their buying decision-making process.

So, no matter whether you are looking to establish a small, local General Contractor business, or your goal is to expand your current organization, building a robust online presence and reputation is essential. But how can you do all this while operating on a limited marketing budget?

A custom General Contractor SEO strategy crafted by the online marketing experts at Dominant Digital Agency can help you lay the foundations of long-term success, reach your goal, and stick to your budget. Learn how Contractor SEO strategies can help below or book a free 15-minute consultation.

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What Is SEO for General Contractors?

SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – is the process of optimizing your general contractor website to make it appear at the top of the search engines’ result page (SERP). So, when your prospective customers search for contractor services or home services related to your business on Google or Bing, your website will be immediately visible and discoverable.

In turn, the right SEO strategy can help you build brand awareness and visibility – among your current audience and new leads! There are multiple facets of a winning general contractor SEO strategy the SEO specialists at Dominant Digital Agency will focus on.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the part of a general contractor SEO strategy that focuses on optimizing each of your web pages and your website content. On-Page SEO makes sure that the structure and content of each of your contractor service pages are created according to several ranking factors, such as readability, title tags, URL, keywords, and image alt text.

Off-Page SEO

Search engine algorithms look at several factors to decide which web page should appear at the top of the result page for a certain query. One of these is the Domain Authority – or how endorsed, reliable, trustworthy, and authoritative your website is. To establish your domain authority, Google uses search engine crawlers, which are programs designed to track the links pointing toward your website.

That’s where off-page SEO comes in. This area of SEO looks beyond your own site, focusing on building and strengthening the relationship between your website and other online entities through high-quality backlinks.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a vital aspect of all SEO campaigns. Unlike general search engine optimization, local SEO focuses on building visibility and awareness for your business within your local area.

A locally optimized website will make sure that your business will appear in front of users actively looking for services related to your general contractor business within your geographical area.

Content Creation

If you have heard the phrase “content is king” before, you know how important it is to craft content that resonates with your audience and engages leads. But a tailored content strategy is much more than this!

Through content, you can boost your search engine ranking, offer added value to your users, tell your business’s story, and even become a thought leader in the field of renovations or home services. SEO-friendly content creation spaces across multiple online entities, including your general contractor website, social media pages, and other websites.

Link Building

Nothing boosts your Domain Authority and search rankings as a well-planned link-building strategy! As more links begin to point to your pages, Google and other search engines will believe that your general contractor website is relevant and authoritative, thus boosting it to the top of the first page of results. After all, the goal is always to offer the best experience to users.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO looks beyond the front-end of your website and aims to optimize the site’s structure and build to provide a great user experience. Some of the indicators that your marketing manager at Dominant Digital Agency will optimize include:

  • Page load speed
  • Security
  • Usability on mobile devices
  • Indexing and crawlability

The impact of technical SEO might not be immediately visible to the naked eye, but it’s an essential aspect of your custom contractor SEO strategy.

Online Reputation Management

While you might be aware of how using the right keywords can benefit your website, some elements of a contractor SEO strategy are not so obvious. A digital marketing specialist will also look to optimize your online reputation by boosting your customers’ reviews, testimonials, the social media community, and social proof.

Why Dominant Digital

Dominant Digital is a leading provider of search engine optimization, ads management, and website services for  local companies throughout the United States. We believe in providing high quality marketing services to ALL our clients, no matter their budget level.

We treat all clients with the highest respect, and take time to communicate campaign performance on a regular basis. You will always know what we’re working on at all times.

Finally, unlike competitors eager to sell to anyone and everyone, we offer exclusivity in each market. Therefore, if you become a client, you never have to worry about us helping your competitors. Contact us to see if there’s availability in your market.

Our agency was founded by Chris Licause, an industry veteran with over 20 years experience. Chris is actively involved and oversees every client campaign. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

SEO: A Vital Aspect of Your Contractor Marketing Campaign

Over 70% of small businesses don’t have a search engine optimization strategy in place. For General Contractors, this factor is important for two main reasons:

  • SEO can boost your conversion rate, which is crucial to growing your business and customer base
  • In your local market, having an SEO strategy can help you outrank your competitors

Who Is General Contractor SEO for?

If you are looking to promote your plumbing, electrical, remodeling, or roofing services, the chances are that a portion of your budget is allocated to marketing and advertising. But optimizing your business site according to SEO best practices is the single best way to connect with your audience, provide solutions to your users’ needs, and reduce your advertising costs.

After all, with an average return of 220%, SEO is only second to email marketing when it comes to calculating your ROI!

General Contractors: The Industry at a Glance

If you have decided to grow your general contractor business in 2022, you have certainly made a smart choice. The economy is bouncing back from the most recent recession, and households now have the necessary disposable income needed to carry out their dream renovation projects.

According to statistics, nearly 40% of today’s kitchen remodeling projects and 50% of bathroom renovations are due to families finally having the means to invest in their properties. But there are more impactful trends general contractors should keep an eye on.

The Perks of Today’s Seller’s Market

The real estate environment has never been so much of a seller’s market. As the house prices continue to rise across the country and the investor reaches an all-time low, many homeowners are considering selling.

And, what better way is there to boost a property’s market value and curb appeal than a renovation project!? Whether it’s a major upgrade such as a roof replacement or a cosmetic improvement, general contractors have never been in higher demand.

The Need for Layout Reconfigurations

The pandemic has had a deep impact on many aspects of everyone’s lives, and many homeowners had to reconfigure their lifestyles – and floor plans! Today’s households are looking to increase their property’s square footage and add species like home offices and private gyms – no wonder nearly 70,000 Americans are looking to carry out one or more home improvement projects!

The Competition Has Never Been Fiercer

The home services industry is booming – but the competition is also fiercer than ever. And, how are you going to reach out to new customers and outrank your competitors? A custom general contractor SEO strategy can help you pinpoint the right keywords, create enticing content, and lock in interested prospective customers even before they have the chance to check out the competition!

Why SEO Is Important for Contractors?

SEO is essential for all businesses, from local organizations to multinational enterprises. But why is it so important for general contractors? Investing in general contractor SEO might be the only way to move your business through the search engine rankings and bring it to the top of Google’s search result page. In turn, this can make a difference in how many customers you are likely to attract and how much revenue you will perceive.

When partnering with the general contractor SEO experts at Dominant Digital Agency, you can grow your business, achieve your goals, and keep your marketing budget low. Here’s why investing in SEO might be the best choice you’ll make for your business.

Boost Your Search Engine Ranking and Industry Authority

Search engines compete to provide each user with the most relevant and authoritative results. In turn, websites compete to be deemed relevant and authoritative enough to win the top spots on the Google search result page.

Dominant Digital Agency’s specialized SEO services are the tool you need to create a business site that is user-friendly, clear, and trustworthy – and, most importantly, will show up among the top Google search results.

Increase Brand Awareness and Drives Organic Traffic

No matter at what stage of the marketing funnel a user is in, the right general contractor SEO strategy will help you generate new leads, make your business more discoverable, increase website visitors, and hook in prospective customers.

Provides a Unique Competitive Edge

It’s true: bigger construction companies might have a larger budget to invest in marketing. But the beauty of SEO is that your strategy matters more than your budget! With the right contractor SEO strategy, you can get your business to show up at the top of the list for every relevant Google search conducted in your geographical area.

Reduces Marketing Costs

Undoubtedly, an SEO strategy represents a significant investment for all general contractors. However, compared to other, traditional marketing strategies, SEO offers some unique benefits, which include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Customizable to your budget
  • Results continue to build up over time
  • It boats the growth of your business in the long term
  • It can reach far more users than other marketing strategies

And, don’t forget that a local SEO strategy will help your business show up in front of the eyes of users already actively looking to find local services in your area, thus boosting your chances of closing a sale!

How Long Does It Take To See Results From an SEO Marketing Campaign?

When working with Dominant Digital Agency, your dedicated account manager will craft an SEO campaign that is tailored to your general contractor’s business goals. While timelines vary, SEO results will start to show within 6-12 months. But remember that SEO strategies are not a one-time effort, but rather an ongoing project that can help you lay the foundations of a successful business.

What Does SEO Success Look Like? Dominant Digital & SEO Performance

So, what does success look like in SEO? Dominant Digital’s SEO Specialist will develop a SEO strategy for your general contractor business and look at a range of key indicators to determine the success of your campaign. We will be able to tell you exactly which aspect of the strategy led to increased conversions, signed contracts, sales, and revenue.

General Contractor SEO Keyword Research: What You Need To Know

While there are many elements contributing to the success of a general contractor SEO campaign, it all starts with the search for relevant keywords. Depending on the nature and goal of your general contractor company, the SEO specialists working with you will generate a collection of keywords to target. These will be a mix of:

  • Short head terms (i.e.: “builder”, “contractor”, or “roofer”)
  • Longer phrases or long-tail keywords (i.e.: “install a new roof”, “contractor for home exterior”)
  • Local search keywords (i.e.: “builder in Nashville, Tennessee)

Your Keyword Strategy

Once we have decided on the relevant keywords and conducted extensive keyword research, it is time to start using these keywords to enhance your content. From using them on your service pages to inserting them in your social media content and blog posts, there are many ways to make it easier for your prospective customer to find you. It is all about user intent – and not at all about keyword stuffing!

Dominant Digital Delivers

Superior Customer Service

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We go the extra mile to ensure all clients get regular updates and maximum value from their program.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We take time at the beginning of every campaign to understand your business goals & conduct detailed research to get you results faster.

No Gimmicks, No Nonsense

We only perform and recommend "white-hat" tactics that will get you long-term results, consistent with what Google wants to see.

Local SEO for General Contractors: Why Optimizing Local Search Matters

Today, over half of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile – and over 78% of local mobile searches lead to an offline sale! That is because local mobile searches usually have a high purchasing intent – or, users looking for specific general contractor services are doing so because they are in need of those services.

That is why it is vital to optimize your mobile website and invest in a local SEO strategy. Aside from getting verified by Google, some of the most important elements of a smart local SEO campaign include the following ones.

Google Business Profile

Optimize and update your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), which provides your users with the NAP – or your Business Name, Address, and Phone number. Basically, all that’s needed is to contact you! It is important to keep your NAP updated at all times and add other important information such as opening hours, website links, and an overview of the home services you provide.

Leverage Online Directories

Developing citations in a major online directory can help you boost your credibility in front of new and returning customers.

Interact With Reviewers

Responding to Google reviews, interacting on a Google chat, or answering prospective users’ questions might be simple strategies, but they can work wonders for your general contractor business.

Responding to reviews can help your new customers see the person behind the brand and establish a relationship of trust even before getting in touch.

What To Expect When Partnering With Dominant Digital Agency

Our SEO specialists have helped many general contractors enhance their businesses and leverage the latest digital marketing strategies to achieve their goals.

When partnering with us for your general contractor SEO project, you can be sure to have a team of experienced marketing managers by your side throughout the project – and trust an SEO strategy that is built around your unique needs.

Our General Contractor SEO Services

At Dominant Digital Agency, we believe that every part of a marketing strategy is connected to another. That is why we strive to offer a comprehensive marketing plan that starts with an SEO audit and ends with you reaching your business goals. Here’s what to expect.

A Custom Contractor SEO Strategy

Each business is unique, and so should your SEO strategy. That is why, before working on a project, we strive to understand the values, operations, goals, and identity of each general contractor business. Here’s how we do it:

  • We carry out thorough competitor analysis and continue to monitor your competitors
  • We start each project with a contractor website SEO audit and understand strengths and weaknesses
  • We focus on your unique target audience and understand what content resonates with them

Creating a More User-Friendly Experience

Unlike other SEO companies, Dominant Digital Agency focuses on every aspect of a successful SEO campaign. That is why we assess your website’s quality, speed, and user-friendliness.

From adding relevant content to improving media loading times, and creating a streamlined mobile experience, we make sure that your general contractor business will leave a stellar first impression on each customer.

A 360° Contractor SEO Approach

The team at Dominant Digital provides a complete SEO solution for general contractors. When partnering with us, you’ll:

  • Have your entire general contractor website audited
  • Work with a dedicated account manager who will be your first point of contact throughout the project
  • Enhance your website and social media communities with content that truly resonates with your audience
  • Benefit from a custom contractor SEO strategy designed around your business’s unique needs and goals
  • Follow the latest SEO best practices – Google algorithm changes often!
  • Track your results and assess your strategy’s efficiency

Easy-to-Read Analytics Reports

Tracking and measuring your results is a vital aspect of your general contractor SEO strategy. At Dominant Digital Agency, we generate regular, easy-to-read reports that are accurate and data-driven. So, you can visualize the benefits of an SEO strategy on your business and address concerns.

We Are a Google Certified Partner

With so many SEO companies out there, it can be hard to find a partner you can trust. That is why at Dominant Digital Agency, we have worked hard to become a Google Certified Partner and drive success with Google Ads for general contractors around the US.

Looking to learn more about our work? Check out our results so far here.

Ready To Boost Your General Contractor Business Ranking?

Contact Dominant Digital About Contractor SEO Services

At Dominant Digital Agency, we understand that the secret of a successful general contractor SEO strategy is in the relationship that we are able to build with our clients. That is why we offer a 15-minute free consultation session that allows you to share your goals, budget, and needs – and make sure we are the right partners for your business’s goals!