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Everybody knows that getting your business on the top of page one of Google’s search engine results page can yield tremendous results for your business. However, this prestigious real estate has limited vacancy. If you’re a plumbing service in a large city for example, you’re one of 100+ businesses in the market that would like to appear on page one for the keyword Plumber.

With only 20 spots on the page, many taken up by huge corporations like various yellow page-like directory sites, most local businesses find themselves out of luck.

Sure, you could buy your way onto page 1 by purchasing pay per click ads, but with the best clicks costing anywhere from $5 to over $100, you’ll need a sizable budget to get enough clicks to convert into paying customers. Furthermore, 97% of that paid traffic will leave your site without taking an action (picking up the phone, filling out a form, etc.).

Google may be the top Internet search tool, but it’s not the only place to advertise your business online. Have you ever been shopping for something online, only to realize later that there are ads from that company and similar ones following you around on other websites you visit? If so, you’re already familiar with targeted display advertising.

These are 5 ways targeted display advertising can help you reach people already interested in your products and services – no Google rank necessary.

1. Ads that target people researching your products/services:
Search Retargeting is a highly effective tactic for showing your ads to people who were just searching for the products or services your company sells.

Let’s say a local mom is noticed her toddler boy is doing a poor job at brushing his teeth.She starts on Google looking for some tips. This search leads her to WebMD, where she does additional searches to find medical articles on the topic.

The words she types into the search box are matched up with keywords from your search retargeting campaign. If you’re a pediatric dentist with an office nearby, you can now introduce your practice to this person with your ads.

When she’s ready to choose a dentist for her son, she’ll think of your practice, go to Google, and search for you by name, where you should always come up #1. Branded search is what you want, rather than having her search for “pediatric dentist,” and getting a complete list of all your competitors.

Studies show businesses with a targeted display campaign an expect up to a 40% increase in branded search after only 2 months!

2. Ads that target users in a specific area:

Let’s say you run a restaurant and you want to stay top of mind for area residents.

Unlike our pediatric dentist example, everybody needs to eat, so you realize precise location targeting will be your best method for raising awareness and driving foot traffic into your restaurant.

You could run an ad campaign that targets a nearby subdivision.

Perhaps you even customize your ad to invite Homestead residents to stop by and check out your new brunch menu.

Today’s geo-fencing technology allows you to literally draw the area you want to target on a map and flood that area with your ads to people only in that area on their mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Want to show your ads to somebody who just visited your competitor’s store in town? We’ll draw a targeting fence around their store(s), a conversion fence around your store, and track your store visits that resulted from your ad campaign.

If you’re a roofing contractor and you want to zero in on specific neighborhoods that got blasted with hail damage – let’s get out the map!

3. Ads that follow users who have been to your website
As mentioned, a staggering 97% of visitors to your website will leave without taking an action on their first visit. 8% will find their way back on their own. Want to get 3x the visitors back?

You can with site retargeting. This popular targeting tactic is used by most large online retailers because they have enormous traffic visiting their site, and those extra percentage points can convert into millions in revenue.

You’ve seen Zappos do this when the specific pair of shoes you were looking at follows you all over the Internet. “Don’t forget how nice I’d look with those black pants,” they say.

Even if you don’t have huge traffic numbers, site retargeting works great in combination with other targeting tactics.

4. Target users reading content relevant to your business
Did you know you’re not the only one reading the words in that article you’re looking at? It’s true, web crawlers are all over the Internet, helping to match ads with the right users.

Don’t worry, it’s all encrypted, so your secrets are safe, but we can match your designer handbag company ads to users reading handbag blogs, with contextual targeting.

5. Combine multiple targeting tactics and break your Google dependency
Can’t choose which way to best way to target your customers? The good news is that you don’t have to. The best campaigns combine multiple targeting methods, with multiple creatives.

Even better is that you don’t need to be marketing expert to run an effective campaign. As long as you know your business and the customers you want to reach, we’ll build and manage the campaign for you.

Dominant Dog Digital uses the industry’s leading targeted display advertising platform. Your ads will be designed by a talented team of designers and managed by experienced campaign experts who will work to optimize the results of your program. Contact Dominant Dog today so we can learn more about your specific needs.