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Google Ads Management

Google Ads, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is simply paid placement on Google. You can see which listings on Google are paid ads because the site will show a small “Ad” icon next to the web address.

These ads are placed by Google at the very top of the page, above the Maps listings, and sometimes at the bottom of the page.

It’s the fastest way to rank on Google, because you’re paying to play. Contrast this to Search Engine Optimization which can take months and sometimes much longer to land on Page One for competitive keywords.

The cost of a Google Ads campaign can vary, and it’s largely dependent on how much you’re willing to invest to start getting new customer calls.

Once you decide on your monthly budget, divide that by 30.4 days in the month and you’ll have your daily budget.

Every time one of your ads is clicked, your account is charged anywhere from less than a dollar, to over $100 for that click.

Let’s say you’re a bathroom remodeler and you want to reach people in Denver searching for “bathroom remodel denver.” The average cost per click for this keyphrase is about $10. If your monthly ad budget is $1,000/mo and your daily budget is about $33/day ($1,000/30.4), then you can get about 3 clicks per day.

When your daily budget is spent, your ads come down until the next day when you have a new daily budget.

Managing a Google Ads campaign is an art and science.

From keyword selection and ad copywriting, to landing page optimization that gets people to pick up the phone and call you, all of this takes time and expertise.

If you plan to go at this alone, you should take the time to study Google’s training modules.

A campaign that is thrown together without much thought is likely to burn through your ad budget before a good prospective customer even sees your ad.

You also need to consider if you really have the time to optimize the campaign after its launched. You’ll still need to dedicate time and energy into testing different targeting options, keywords, landing pages, ad copy, bidding strategy, campaign structure, etc.

Dominant Digital provides outstanding Google Ads management that includes keyword research, competitive analysis, ad copy writing, landing page optimization, A/B testing, call tracking with voice recording, and more.

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