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We’ve all heard of Google, Facebook, and a handful of other sites as good places to focus our marketing efforts. We recognize the brands and use them ourselves, so we’re comfortable investing our advertising dollars there. But how much opportunity do these sites really give you to reach your clientele? 

Did you know we only spend about 2 minutes/day on Google? The whole point of Google is to help you find what you’re looking for ASAP and then get you onto your destination. 

Facebook, on the other hand, demands an impressive 40 minutes/day, according to their own internal numbers (only about 20 minutes outside the US). 

However, the 42 minutes/day between Google and Facebook make up less than 13 percent of the total time we spend online. eMarketer estimates the US consumer spends a whopping 5.5 hours/day online between desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. 

Let’s assume you have an outstanding presence on both Google and Facebook. You’re ranked #1 for all your most important keywords, and you have a killer Facebook ads program along with a big social following. This would place you among the top 1% of elite online marketers. And you would still miss where your customers spend 87% of their time online. 

Given there are more than half a billion active websites on the Internet, you might ask “where else should I advertise?” But “where” isn’t really important, it’s a question of “to whom do you advertise?” 

The answer is simply that you need to be advertising to your potential customer, no matter what site they’re on.

Just like you, your customers have diverse interests, and visit a variety of news, travel, sports, and other hobby/blog sites.

Today’s targeted display ads can locate your potential customers based on their search activity, and serve your ads to them on virtually any brand-safe site that accepts ads, regardless of where that customer enjoys spending their time online.

Targeted display ads will get your message in front of the people actively looking for what you sell. They just need to know you exist first!

For example, Abbey (pictured above) is in the market for a new fitness club. She spent time online researching options, until she got hungry and started looking at some cooking and recipe blogs. As she’s reading about her next culinary adventure, she notices an ad for a local Pilates studio. It’s 5 minutes from her apartment and she never knew it existed. She continues to see the ad wherever she goes online, and eventually stops by the studio for a tour.

As customers become aware of your brand, through repetition, we also build familiarity and trust around your company. When customers, exposed to your ads, visit your website or storefront, they’ll be much more likely to buy. 

Targeted Display Works With Google

When that customer moves out of their research stage and they’re ready to buy, they’ll remember your brand, go to Google and search for you by name, where you should always rank #1. This is what you want your customers to do, not Google your products and services and get a complete list of all your competitors. 

Branded search (googling a business by name), has been shown to increase as much as 40 percent within the first couple of months of a targeted display campaign.

But, let’s say the customer doesn’t search by your name and gets that list of competitors.

As long as you’re on the list, that customer is going to remember seeing your business somewhere.

With an effective targeted display program, customers will be much more inclined to choose you over less recognized brands. 

This is exciting news for businesses who also invest in Search Engine Marketing and want to improve their CTR (Click-through Rate). Google rewards listings with high CTR’s with a better rank and lower click fees, as high CTR’s signal high relevancy to the user’s search.

In conclusion, Google and Facebook are great places to optimize your marketing efforts, but they’re also fiercely competitive, and difficult to be seen amid the noise. There’s also no way to effectively brand your business with a boring text ad. They all look the same.

Furthermore, depending on what you sell, you can spend months and years of time, energy and money and still not break onto the first page of Google.

Targeted display provides another way to get in front of your customers and bypass the bottleneck Google and Facebook have created for local and national businesses. 

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