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Reputation & Review Management

Whether you provide amazing service to your customers or not, if your online reviews don’t reflect this, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to attract new customers.

84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation (BrightLocal study, 2018).

As a business owner or marketing manager, you need a system that’s “always on,” to make sure you’re continuously collecting new reviews and responding to them as well.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding out there about online reviews, and like anything we don’t fully understand, there’s some fear around online reviews. 

Here are some common questions we get around online reviews: 

What If I Get A Bad Review?

To be blunt, you will get a bad review or at least one you don’t agree with. It’s just a matter of time, and a function of doing business with human beings. We all carry our own baggage and interpret things differently. And sometimes as a business you or your employee just makes an honest mistake, and fails to catch and fix it quick enough.

However, here’s what you do. 

First, relax, you knew this would happen eventually. 

Second, reach out to that customer personally with a phone call or by any method possible if you can’t track down their phone number. Do your best job to listen to them, and empathize with how that must have made them feel. 

Then, and only after you’ve listened to them and established an understanding or rapport, solve the problem! 

You may need to go above and beyond, but remember, this is about more than one customer, it’s the thousands of other potential new customers who will read his or her negative review in future months and years. 

After the customer is satisfied, politely ask them to edit their review. In most cases they will. 

Can I Delete A Bad Review?

While it would make things easier for business owners to just delete any negative mention of their business, it doesn’t work like this.

From a consumer perspective, we wouldn’t be able to trust any business reviews if the owner could just hand pick their favorite reviews.

From the perspective of Google, Facebook, or Yelp (the biggest review sites), if consumers don’t trust the information on their site, nobody would want to visit those sites causing some major problems for these large companies that need traffic to sell advertising.

However, there are certain rules these publishers have for the people writing the reviews that can’t be violated, and we’ve helped customers get reviews removed within the rules of the website where the review appeared. 

Do I Really Need To Respond To Every Review

Short answer – Yes. 

When somebody compliments a shirt you’re wearing, do you ignore that person, or say “Hey – Thanks”?

Online reviews aren’t much different. It’s important to express your appreciation for your customers taking the time out of their day to say something nice about your business that will help you for years to come.

As the business owner or manager, you can and should reply to every review, even the positive ones. A simple 1-2 line response is perfectly fine.

Doing this not only helps you connect with the individual who left the review (they get notified), but it also shows new customers considering your company’s services that you’re engaged in the business and care about your customers’ experience.

Responding to negative reviews is a little more complicated, but even more necessary.

If you don’t respond to the review, it’s basically a one-sided conversation the customer is having with the world about your business. And it’s not helping you. 

Consumers expect a bad review every now and then, so don’t panic. If you’ve followed the steps above and the customer won’t update their review, this is a great opportunity to show the public you take your customer experience seriously. Just don’t get confrontational or snarky in your response. 

It can be very helpful to work with a third party like Dominant Digital in responding to negative reviews, because we can help take the emotion out of your response and leverage this unfortunate event as a great opportunity to showcase your commitment to customer service.

How Our Reputation Service Works

We strive to educate our customers on reputation management to remove the uncertainty. We then implement a comprehensive program that helps you do the following:

  1. Reach out to your customers and collect valuable information about their experience with your company.
  2. Increase your number of reviews to make new customers want to work with you
  3. Respond to reviews, positive and negative
  4. Leverage these reviews as a real marketing tool on your website

For more information on our reputation management services, please contact us today.


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