Finding SEO Services in The Woodlands TX

If you’re looking for SEO services in The Woodlands, I’m glad we could connect! 

As an SEO consultant for The Woodlands TX, I’ve worked with many local businesses, and know the area well.

When I worked at the Houston Chronicle Media Group, I ran a digital marketing team. During this time, I consulted with countless local businesses in The Woodlands. We worked on improving their ability to connect with customers online. 

Here are the top 7 things you should know about hiring an SEO Company In The Woodlands:

1) Work With An SEO Consultant Who Understands The Woodlands TX. 

The Woodlands TX is a very unique and special market. Big national companies don’t get it. 

The block I lived on in Cochran’s Crossing had recent transplants from all over the country. 

There were as many non-native Texans as there were folks who grew up there. 

When people aren’t from an area, they don’t have existing networks of trusted companies to call. 

As a result, they turn to Google to find the “best SEO companies the woodlands tx” as an example. Or a “kitchen contractor near me.”

I have a proven history of getting my clients websites in the top 3 positions on page 1 of Google. This is where local customers are looking for their next service provider.

2) Not All Woodlands SEO Companies Are The Same

Much as you may have in your industry, there’s a wide range of services you’ll find between search engine optimization companies. 

Small business owners don’t have it easy in selecting the best SEO company for their business. 

Individual contractors can be unreliable and lack systems. Large marketing companies treat you like a number and provide very little value. 

It’s hard to find the best Woodlands SEO agency for your business.

I’ve built my SEO agency to be big enough to have the people, and systems we need to manage client SEO campaigns. Yet, we’re still small enough to take time with each client and give them the attention they deserve. 

I’ve seen the actual work that goes into digital marketing for small businesses. It’s pretty underwhelming. 

This is why I started Dominant Digital, to bring high-end search engine optimization to small business clients. We see this as an under-served market and believe they deserve so much more than what they’ve been getting.

We provide effective keyword research, technical SEO, link building, and Google maps optimization to power your website’s online presence. Contact us today to learn more.

3) Work with an SEO that can prove prior results

We have over 4 years of client results and case stories that we’re happy to share. We realize it’s on us to prove that we’re the right search engine optimization company to manage your Woodlands SEO campaign. 

Don’t take our word for it that we do great work. Listen to our clients who were kind enough to be interviewed by a third party. 

You can also check out our reviews and campaign results on our website.

Any SEO company that doesn’t offer proof of prior results is one you should be wary about.

The fact is that good SEO services take a little time to get rolling. So you don’t want to take a chance on someone, spend 6+ months waiting for results, and realize you made a bad decision. 

Time is money, and we’re not in the business of wasting either one.

4) Avoid long term contracts

There’s no reason to sign a long-term contract with any Woodlands SEO agency. 

If a company needs a long-term contract, they’re not in a rush to deliver you results. That is until your contract is up for renewal.

We offer month-to-month terms because we work to keep your business EVERY month. Not just at contract renewal time.

Enough said.

5) Don’t wait for the results

Achieving stable rankings at the top of Page 1 on the search engines doesn’t happen overnight. Yet, it doesn’t always take months to happen either.

What we recommend for clients who need leads now is to combine search engine optimization services with Google Ads. 

This will help deliver immediate leads while the search engine optimization program builds up steam over time.

We are an official Google Partner company. This means we follow Google best practices, have passed exams, and manage over $20K per quarter. based on our success in managing client programs over the years. 

Many of our clients choose to combine Google Ads with search engine optimization. They enjoy short-term results from Ads, while we build their long-term organic presence. 

When we manage Google Ads for clients, we can get 3 or more placements on the search engine results page. The three primary places we rank clients are Ads, Maps, and Organic/SEO.

We partner with CallRail, the leader in call tracking technology. This allows us to provide real-time lead notifications so you can see the program working for you.

One question we get often is if Google Ads helps with search engine optimization. The short answer is no, Google doesn’t give out better organic rankings for Ads customers. 

Yet, paid advertising campaign will increase your brand recognition in the market. 

As a result, your organic, maps and paid listings will get clicked on more often. because people recognize your company.

The increase in click-through rate can positively impact your organic ranking on the search engine results page. Contact us today to learn more about Google Ads.

6) Keyword selection matters

Ever wonder why your Woodlands SEO company is going after certain keywords? Or perhaps you see your organic traffic increasing, but not your business revenue? 

This is one of the secrets in the SEO industry that is all too common. The marketing company recommends blogging. This isn’t a bad idea itself, but it often serves the SEO agency more than it benefits the client.

Blog articles, if not targeted to your service area, can be a giant waste of time and money.

What happens is the marketing company will write blogs targeting national keywords. 

The keywords will look like: “best kitchen cabinetry brands 2022.” 

The marketing company will show you how they’ve boosted your site traffic as an indicator of them doing their job. But if you look at your Google Analytics account, you’ll notice it’s all out-of-state traffic. This is not traffic that will ever convert into customers.

National keywords for local businesses are usually pretty pointless.

These types of blogs give your SEO company something to hang their hat on, but now you know better.

We focus on keywords with business intent in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to help increase your business revenue through the search engines. Not send you traffic that never converts.

For example, “deck builder Spring, TX.” Not, “what are the best deck materials.” 

Make sense?

I would rather show modest organic growth as long as the website traffic is well-targeted. The search traffic we send you should have a shot at converting into new business for you. 

7) Work with a company that takes the time to educate you

We understand you may not have the time to put in place an effective SEO strategy. But, we make sure our clients know what our plan is and how we’re executing it.

Before you become a client, we make sure that you understand enough of what SEO is and is not. This is one of the reasons our clients stay with us for years. 

As Woodlands SEO experts, we take the time to educate. We set proper expectations. As a result, our clients understand what they’re signing up for!

Our clients receive a monthly report on your website’s organic presence. We also provide the specific tasks we completed and our plan for the following month. 

We want you to have the most relevant information you need to evaluate the program.

If your current Woodlands SEO company lacks this type of transparency, don’t settle, call us today for a free consultation.


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