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Social Media Marketing

Whether you use social media in your personal life or not, your customers certainly do. 

In fact, about 7 in 10 adults in the United States use Facebook, and despite all the negative press around the platform, this number remains unchanged since 2016 (Pew Research Study, 2019).

Of these Facebook users, 74 percent of them visit the site at least once/day, presenting a highly active audience for businesses to reach.

The question isn’t “Are my customers searching for my product or service on Facebook?” Rather, it’s “how can I reach my customers where they like to hang out?”

Facebook provides several options for you to do exactly this. The following are the primary methods we use to connect your brand with your customers.

Facebook Ads

Liking Pages, or declaring your personal interests in Facebook (snowboarding, Starbucks, etc.) can be a fun way to personalize your profile and help friends get to know you. However, for businesses, it provides a great way to reach very specific audiences. 

For example, if you own a pet supply business and have a new cat brush you want to market, you can run cat brush ads to cat owners, 18 years+, who live in a certain part of town with a higher household income. We can then remarket to those who clicked on your ad, by following these users with more ads inviting them to visit your site again or complete their purchase.

There are many different types of Facebook ads and tactics that we have in our playbook to make sure we’re reaching the right people with your ads. We can also extend the reach of your ads to Instagram, as Facebook owns that site too. 

Contact us today and we can customize a program for your specific needs.

Facebook & Social Media Posting

When was the last time you posted to your business page? It’s OK, you’re not alone. As a business owner, we understand you wear many hats and probably don’t have the time to post a few times per week. 

But, just as you may outsource or delegate your bookkeeping, you should consider having an experienced person manage your content strategy for you on social media. 

Similar to inviting guests to your house for dinner, you want to make sure your social media channels look like somebody still lives there and your page isn’t gathering dust.

We offer multiple content packages based on how many posts per week you need. 

We carefully craft and schedule a month’s worth of posts and images for you to approve, then we post on your behalf. We can also manage the process of “boosting” certain posts to increase the reach of key pieces of content.

A common question we get is if you can still post on your own. The answer is yes! Anything you want to post in addition to our content schedule is encouraged and just icing on the cake!

Contact us today for more details on our social media management services.


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