Top 5 Reasons Your Website Is Losing You Business

If you’re like most local business owners, you paid good money for your website (or at least got hooked up on the friends & family plan). But every time you search for those “near me” keywords, you’re nowhere to be found. Sure, you rank for your business name, but what good is that if someone doesn’t already know you?

You can tell yourself it doesn’t matter, or “those companies ahead of me aren’t my competitors anyway,” but the fact is that you’re losing more business than you realize.

According to a 2024 study, websites that rank in Positions 1 -3 on Page 1 of Google are capturing up to 68% of the clicks on page. And for some keywords that have hundreds of searches per month, that adds up into some serious sales revenue for those businesses.


So what’s so special about those websites, that yours is missing?

In this article, I’ll discuss the five most common “blockers” holding back the local websites we see every day.

Blocker #1:

The content on your website does not satisfy search intent.

While this would seem obvious to the untrained in SEO, the vast majority of small business websites fail miserably at creating relevant content their customers are searching for.

A very common example of this is the website that has all services listed out on a single “Our Services” page, instead of having separate service pages for each one. For example, if you run a plumbing business, you’ll need separate pages for Water Heater Repair, Water Heater Replacement, Drain Cleaning, Faucet Repair, Toilet Repair, etc.


Because Google only ranks the best PAGES in your market that satisfy search intent. So if you have a general “Our Services” Page where you talk about toilet repair, but another plumbing company has a page that is 100% about toilet repair, they win every time, hands down.

Blocker #2

You have separate service pages on your site, but you don’t have area pages.

Very similar to Blocker #1, but this is next level. After you make sure you have separate pages for your services, you need to think about all the people searching for “near me” or “ac repair scottsdale az”. You know Phoenix probably has higher search volume (it does), so how are you also going to rank in Scottsdale, which is part of the Phoenix metro area?

You guessed it, you also need a Scottsdale page on your website for all those same services.

Using the same user experience philosophy as discussed earlier, if you don’t have a Scottsdale AC Repair page on your site, and others do, who has the most useful page?

It’s really that simple, until you run into Blocker #3!

Blocker #3

You have all these pages, but nothing is actually optimized for the right keywords.

Here’s where it really helps to work with a professional SEO company or contractor. We spend thousands every month on software so we know the best keyword variations that your customers are using. This research guides our optimization efforts so we’re always optimizing for keywords with the best balance of significant monthly search volume and keyword difficulty.

In other words, it could make sense to target a slightly less searched keyword that is much easier to rank in Positions 1 – 3, than going after a keyword you may never rank for.

This type of strategy can save you a lot of time and money.

Blocker #4

Your website has errors or is generally not conversion friendly.

Broken links, copyright dates from 10 years ago, typos, hard to find phone numbers, takes forever to load on mobile, we’ve seen it all.

Unless you regularly update your website, you likely have some of these issues too.

Google is more likely to rank a website that satisfies search intent with great content, loads fast, and gets updated frequently. Websites that don’t have this can be found on Page 2 or Page “never going to be seen”.

Blocker #5


This sounds harsh, and it’s not meant to offend, but we don’t know what we don’t know. We all have our blind spots. But sitting on the sidelines while other companies in your market capture all the new customers is such a waste. It’s OK if you hate websites and marketing, but you can’t deny people use Google to find local businesses, so get someone to help you with it at least.

Do it for your employees, or your family, or do it for yourself so you can sell your business and retire sooner!

If you’ve read this far, we’d be happy to at least have a phone conversation and see if we’d be a fit to work together. No obligation to buy, no sales pitch.

Here’s a link where you can book a consultation:

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